What’s New?

by Mirus Fitzner


We are constantly receiving feedback from our users on how to improve iversity. We are very grateful for this and thank you all for your support!

We used the German Semesterferien (semester break) to work on some of the most requested features. So, Ladies and Gentlemen, iversity is proud to present:


Invitation Code


Experience showed that many users had problems differentiating between their personal passwords and the course passwords. From now on, there will be automatically created invitation codes for every course. They are six characters long and are unique for each course, group or conference. The code can be found in the right column of the course page, as well as on the handout (more on that below), so that the participants invited are able to join easily.

Of course, passwords you distributed remain valid. Just type them into the invitation code mask.


Multiple Group Admins

By allowing more than just one instructor to manage a course, group or conference, iversity stays true to its mission – to allow researchers and students with different backgrounds and from different universities to work, teach and learn together.

It is also possible to add assistants – so for example a teaching assistant can set up a course and then invite the professor to become an/the admin of the course. 



Syllabus handouts for your students

iversity revamped the handout which instructors can distribute to their students. From now on, it contains not only a short explanation of how to access iversity, but also all dates and the corresponding resources. So your syllabus is created automatically for you. For a sample hand-out, click here.



Group invitations & invitation code

1) It
is now easier to invite people by email and track if they have joined or

2) It
is also now possible to send invitations to other iversity members directly through the platform.

3) Instead
of a password a code is automatically generated – the code is also
part of the invitation-url. The only thing the invitees have to do
is to click the link in the invitation e-mail. The course code is
automatically listed on the handout, so that students won’t keep
requesting the course code over and over again.



Notification Bell

A new symbol is making an appearance on the dashboard – the bell. The bell notifies you when there are new contact requests, invitations to groups or if someone wants to join one of the groups that you manage. You can accept or decline those requests directly from the dashboard. In the future we will integrate more notifications that make use of the bell. That way we hope to significantly lower the number of e-mails flying around.




iversity is not only a platform for academic work (though that is its primary purpose), but also a global network of academics, researchers and students. For this reason, iversity will recommend conferences, groups and people you may know or might be interested in. These will appear on the platform itself as well as at the bottom of your daily notification mails, which brings us to the…


…E-Mail Notifications

We’ve redesigned the e-mail notifications to make it easier for you to quickly get an overview of what your colleagues and fellow students contributed in your groups. Now these e-mails have a little teaser of recent posts and comments and also show the title of documents that were uploaded to your courses.



Last but not least it is possible to filter search results by users, universities, resources, courses, groups and conferences. This facilitates the access to the growing amount of content being shared on iversity and is one more step towards our vision of a globally connected academic community.


Read about new features like Facebook Connect, Video integration into courses, reader creation in general or our Open Courses in earlier updates!


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