What’s new!?

by Mirus Fitzner

Dear users and fans, iversity has received some improvements and we would like to share this news with you.

1. Facebook Connect

Over the past few months, many users have expressed their wishes to make the registration process easier and faster. Finally, we have decided to introduce Facebook Connect. This way, you can start working on iversity even faster by just logging in with your Facebook account! Though in sync with iversity’s spirit it would be great if you still added your key interests to your profile so that other iversity users with similar interests can find you.


p.s.: if you would like to use Facebook connect to log in to iversity make sure that the e-mails used for both platforms are the same.


2. Updated framework

Now, the biggest enhancement our programmers have been working on for the last six weeks is hidden from plain view: we have updated iversity’s technical infrastructure, which facilitates and broadens further developments in the future. It’s not as simple as it sounds!

With this update iversity is now running on a state-of-art infrastructure, which means that the system runs faster and is much more stable. Bring on the work overload!


  3. Resend activation link

Whilst this is not a big thing, it might mean less annoyance for our users: often, the activation link disappears in the spam folder or elsewhere in the digital nirvana. Now, if this happens, simply go to Account Settings and resend your activation link.



That’s all for today. Until the next time!


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