What’s a reader? What’s a script? And how can I get one?

by Mirus Fitzner

Germans will understand what we are talking about. Most people won’t. So – what are readers and scripts, actually?

Like almost everywhere else, students in Germany get a syllabus at the beginning of the semester. There, they find compulsory books and texts and supplementary resources, neatly arranged on a page.

In Germany, however, students are usually required to print key texts in a copyshop, or buy them in the university book store. This is not a textbook, but a very flexible collection of texts for a specific subject. And that’s what we, in Germany, call a reader.


For those who have lived in the pre-e-book era, and for the paper-philes of today, you can annotate the texts, scribble on the margins and carry them around, and even kill flies with them!

A script, nevertheless, is the collection of the charts and presentations professors use to teach during a lecture. There, too, you can draw smiley faces all over it, but also make notes and give yourself little reminders: “This will be on the EXAM!”

Now, what is iversity’s part in all this? We will not spare you the reading, much less the annotating. But we will save you the time you spend in a copyshop, waiting in line, having to thumb through the folder, in the end all messed up by your fellow students.

For now, this service is available only in Germany, but we will be bringing it to more and more countries in the course of the next year.


Because of iversity’s economies of scale – and hence our subsequent bargaining – you can also save money: a copy, in Germany, costs just 3 cents +VAT! So, be sure to check if your professor created a reader from his or her reading material on iversity!

You can order and pay securely via PayPal or with your debit or credit card, and receive your own paperback version of the texts and other resources within three or four days!

Neat, right?





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