6 Tips for Better Online Learning: Working Edition (II)

You have a career but are committed to always improving your work abilities and knowledge. You’re taking a MOOC, either for personal enjoyment or for job-related training and skill sharpening. We know it’s not easy to juggle a job with other activities and interests, so this week we present 6 quick tips for better online learning: Working Edition (II). 

1. Stay on top of your work field

No matter where you work, there is always more to learn. Whether it’s staying up-to-date with technology or learning better work strategies, it is valuable to keep yourself on top of innovations and new ways of thinking in your work field. Find a MOOC that fits your career. It may improve your work performance and even earn you a bit more office clout.

2. Boost your resume

Adding to your resume is never a bad thing. Including a MOOC in your educational experience can help you in your next job interview. Show them that you are experienced, driven to learn and full of interests. Not to mention, if you find yourself in a period of not being employed, it can be a great way to fill up some gaps in your resume.

3. Organise around your schedule

Hopefully you don’t find yourself working overtime everyday, but if you have a steady 40 hour or less schedule, use it to structure your online learning. Catch up on a course after work or during breakfast. And if you want to escape or clear your mind during a work break, it can also be a great excuse.

4. Break through the mundane

You don’t have to take a MOOC that fits your work field. Learning something completely new can be a great way to add some excitement to the regular work week. After you clock out, put your mind on other things and find a course that takes you someplace new.

5. Broaden your professional interests

Finding out that your dream job wasn’t exactly all you had hoped for? If you want change your career path, taking a MOOC is a great way to test out and expand other interests. Besides, it’s free and time flexible, so you can do it stress and guilt free!

6. Expand your network

This tip can really be applied to anyone, and the working world is certainly no exception. Get to know more people who share your interests or even work in your field and expand your career opportunities. Use the discussion forums or host a meetup to easily broaden your professional network.

Gotta get back to work? Well, before you do, take these tips and find a MOOC that suites your professional life!

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