The Collaboration Network for Academia Comes to Life

by Fernando Pernica

The rumours are true, folks. The all new iversity website is alive and kicking! Now you can begin creating your very own online academic network: join or create courses, upload and share content or collaborate within research projects.



The iversity platform went through a complete overhaul and received a dramatic facelift since its beta release. The latest version 1.1 sports all new features which not even beta-phase users have experienced. The platform is, of course, still free to use.

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Course Library (Resources)

iversity’s ambition is to make learning on the internet more intuitive. Technology in academic teaching and research must be easy to use. For this reason, iversity makes adding resources to a course, research group or event much faster and more practical.

Users can create lists of compulsory and complementary reading and attach it to a particular date. Books can be added to such lists by simply entering the item’s ISBN number. Users will be able to purchase the books directly via Amazon.

iversity’s cloud-based environment allow users to upload journal articles and images to our servers, making these files available to users anywhere they go.



Social Reading

iversity introduces the concept of ‘social reading’. This feature allows users to take notes, comment and highlight content in texts and images – online and live. This transforms online reading into an enriching social experience. Social Reading is at the heart of what iversity is here to do: transform the internet into a empowering tool for academic collaboration and participation. This can be a powerful tool for discussions and exam revision, for example.



Print on demand
iversity will also make its users bid farewell to paper jams and printshop queues. The print-on-demand service allows users to order a print out of any material uploaded in the course library. Users can select texts to be printed and the print out will be delivered to their home! For now, this feature is only available in Germany.

What else?
Educators and students find a platform which is more user-friendly, interactive, and in tune with the social online experience we have today than the established pdf-graveyards once called e-learning systems. This alone already leaves other ‘walled-in’ course management platforms behind by bringing to teaching and research the qualities of a social network which we are now so familiar with.


Now, the best part is that we have just begun. So why don’t you go to, have a look around and see what we have got prepared for you so far?

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