The No. 1 MOOC on my Wish List: Design 101

by Anna Meixler

I'm a do-it-yourself kind of person. You won’t find me fixing the bathroom sink or jump-starting a car, but you might see me crafting purses out of vinyl records, building furniture with old suitcases, and pasting collage murals from magazine photos and food wrappers.

Anna Meixler, intern at iversity
(Photo: private)

In college, Art History courses helped me appreciate others with artistic inclinations and their past innovations, and Studio Art classes helped me hone technical skills. But both disciplines limited what I studied and what I made. iversity’s course Design 101, taught by designer Stefano Mirti, Professor Giovanni Pasca Raymondi, and Dott. Lucia Giuliano allows students to combine art history and practice through 101 activities, transforming everyday life into art and learning by listening doing. I’m itching to take Design 101 in the fall, launching it to the top of my MOOC to-take list.

I’m fascinated by design and interesting aesthetics. I love to flex my creative, quirky muscles by repurposing materials and re-examining the functions of everyday objects, infusing them with new purpose and visual appeal.

Which of iversity's MOOCs are you most excited about?

Anna is currently doing her internship at iversity. She's a sophomore at Yale University.

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