Thank You For The Great Feedback!


“God bless you!” or just a simple “Thanks ;-)”. This is just a taste of the overwhelming reactions that have been pouring in since the launch of our platform on Tuesday 15 October. Almost without exception, they express delight and gratefulness about iversity’s course offerings. We want to say: Thank you for your great support! We will keep working hard to make your MOOC experience even better.

Your feedback shows us that our platform is truly global. Your messages come from every corner of the world, from Kenya, New Zealand, Japan, to Kazakhstan, regions quite far away from Berlin, where iversity is located. So what’s all the talk about? Here’s a little selection of our users’ reactions:

Signed up for the Contemporary Architecture Course, I am already considering register for Design 101. Grateful for the opportunity, I am wonder-struck that you made it sound. Best compliments for the idea, work, and attainment, iversity team. 

– Monica from Sweden

I really love u so so much, and I like your program, I think God will bless US. 

– Mercy from Kongo

thank you, iversity, for making me one of your students, i'm very proud. 

– David from Georgia

Hey, guys! Greetings from Brazil. Just started Contemporary Architecture, and it seems amazing! Can’t wait to finish the first chapter. Thank you guys for the opportunity and for the great job! 

– Ricardo from Brazil

Congrats for starting such fine courses. Hope to enjoy the fun learning together along the knowledge/wisdom path. Thanks again and best of Luck! 

– Praveen from India

Congratulations iversity! Woohoo! :)) 

– Mark from Venezuela

This is a noble idea. 

– Anayochi from Nigeria

I would like to congratulate you and iversity Team for the quality of material and the approach of its contents. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. 

– Juliane

Please keep on sharing your thoughts about on our blog and on our Facebook page. Broadcast your excitement about iversity’s MOOCs to the world! And don’t forget: We are all part of this exciting movement that is about to become huge – to make higher education available to anyone, everywhere!

Your iversity team

P.S.: We have also received plenty of questions about technical issues and support. It is very important to us that you have a smooth MOOC experience, so we will try our best to answer your questions as soon as possible. We kindly ask for you patience if you do not receive a quick response, and invite you to check out our FAQ. Most questions occur frequently, so it is very likely that you’ll find your answer there.