A few months ago, when we announced the MOOC Production Fellowship, we were overwhelmed by the great feedback we got from professors as well as from potential students all over the world. We received over 250 applications for Open Courses and over 100.000 votes. Unfortunately, we could only grant 10 courses the Fellowship Award. This also meant that there were a lot of excellent courses that would never become reality. Because we couldn’t live with that fact, we brought everything we got to get more courses for our launch on October 15th. We are therefore extremely proud to announce that eight more courses made it into our course catalogue! Starting today you can enrol in the following online courses:

Contemporary Architecture Web Engineering 1 webengineering2
Do School Start-Up Lab ?Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen Einfuehrung BWL
Fundamentals of Marketing Dark Matter in Galaxies Political Philosophy

We still receive an overwhelming amount of requests from respected professors and renowned universities. The number of courses is continually growning. Check out our website for further courses and enrol now to be part of the MOOC revolution! 

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