From Ecuador to Italy to Indonesia – Introducing our Study Anywhere runners-up

Last week we introduced Susana, the winner of our Study Anywhere competition. Now it’s time for some of our ten runners-up to shine. Here we introduce six of these standout online learners and get to know a little bit about them, the place they call home and how MOOCs have helped them on their journey to success.

When we asked these students to tell us about their learning experiences, the responses we received were amazing, and illustrate the fact that iversity attracts students of all ages and from all walks of life. We hope you enjoy reading their stories as much as we have.

Silvia Ordoñez, 25-year-old Social Communications graduate from Ecuador


E-Learning profile: Right now I am looking for a master’s degree that suits me. In the meantime, I am studying by myself and love working on social topics such as communication for development and investigative journalism. Here in my country there isn’t a lot to offer when it comes to higher studies. That’s why I love iversity so much. I have found very interesting topics to study and I think you have a great platform so I can study anywhere.

I also like the methodology you use for the classes. I have learned from great professionals and academics, and it’s free! iversity has inspired me with great ideas and motivates me to work on my personal projects and dreams, Thank you for existing!

Giulia Dogliani, 24-year-old Italian currently studying Architecture at the University of Turin


E-Learning Profile: In my country, education is still tied to conventional methods of teaching, online education is not developed to its full potential. But above all, online educational projects such as iversity are not yet widely known. It would be great if my university could become partner of iversity and offer some courses given the high quality of teaching I see in Polytechnic of Turin.

Discovering iversity: I heard about iversity about a year ago, thanks to my brother who invited me to attend the “Contemporary Architecture” course by Prof. Ivan R. Shumkov. The first course was a great experience, I could expand my knowledge in the field of architecture and at the same time broaden my horizons comparing them with people around the world, and everything at any time simply using my PC! My experience with iversity is currently ongoing with the “Architecture 101” course.

Najeeb Ullah s/o Abdullah Jan, 23-year-old Political Science graduate from Pakistan


E-Learning Profile: Education is the tool we starve for here the most in my hometown, studies are not up to the mark that I wish for right now. That’s why I tried an online course from iversity. I have never enjoyed any course as much as i enjoyed this one! People such as myself cannot afford further higher studies so these online courses are the best thing we get to learn more and more for free..

Discovering iversity: I read about iversity on Facebook, one of my friends shared one of your courses. I am currently taking “From International Relations to Global Politics” and I have enrolled in  “The European Union in Global Governance”. I am enjoying “From International Relations to Global Politics” even more than I thought I would, its great! I like the teaching method, the automatic questions, the use of technology, the classroom, and most importantly course content. I also like participating in discussions with international students from all around the world.

Juan Carlos Montes Herrera, 23-year-old Marine Biology student from Mexico

juanedit1E-Learning Profile: I haven’t decided for sure yet but I am planning on doing my thesis on vulnerability of fishing communities as a result of climate change. I grew up in Veracruz, but moved to La Paz, BCS for my career.

There is a big scientific community here in La Paz, so research and studying is an everyday thing. ‘Ecosystem Based Approach’ measures are starting to be implemented in the city and I would love to participate and create similar projects.

Discovering iversity: I heard about it in a whilst surfing the web, maybe even on twitter. I really don’t remember, but I’m very glad I found you!  The “Disasters and Ecosystems” course is awesome, the interviews with professionals and the unit teachers are awesome and I’m learning a lot.

Arskydik, 20-year-old Public Health student from Indonesia


“iversity is a brilliant website! I hope to some day study in Berlin and visit your office”

Bilyana Ivanova, 34-year-old Economist from Bulgaria


“I found iversity whilst looking for German Language courses. So far I have enjoyed the Critical Thinking and Social Innovation MOOCs very much!”

If these learners have inspired you, then check out our Course Catalogue and start learning a new skill today. Also keep an eye out for our next Blog post profiling some of our runners up in more detail.