Student Connect: Meet our MOOCer Fighting Corruption Worldwide

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Student Connect is a project that puts us in contact with students to see what has inspired you to take up online learning, and how you are planning to use the skills acquired in future.

Meet Aleksandra, a 27-year-old Berlin resident. We caught up with her last week to ask a few questions about her online learning and role as an Executive Officer at Transparency International, an NGO helping to fight global corruption. Originally having completed a Psychology degree, Aleksandra had recently taken part in iversity’s ‘EU in Global Governance’ course and was enrolled and ready to start the ‘Governance & Policy Advice’ course soon. All of this with a view to build up knowledge in the field of EU politics and get a job at an institution in Brussels in future. Here’s what she had to say about her online learning experience.

Hi Aleksandra! First of all, where did you first hear about MOOCs and what made you want to enrol in one?

I found out about iversity through a Facebook group for young professionals seeking job opportunities in international development. Someone posted about iversity, I had a look and spotted ‘EU in Global Governance.’ I thought this course would be good for me as I had done an internship in Brussels, a place where I would like to pursue a career in future. All the jobs there require a knowledge of EU institutions and policy making so I wanted to check it out.

Did you just want to check out the videos and see if it was something for you before committing?

Yes of course, but I have a rule that when I commit to something I follow through. The course wasn’t too long, and I felt that I could fit the course into my schedule time and finish it.

 “I have a rule that when I commit to something I follow through.”

In addition to the flexibility the course offered, I also liked the course forums and announcements. I have access to another platform where I can take courses for free with work, but I found that these were more just Powerpoint presentations, and not interactive like the iversity courses.

What was it about iversity that you liked?

I really like the design of the website, I found it really easy to use. It looks nice, very colourful. I also never had any technical problems when I had to submit my essay and take the exam, everything was very straightforward.

What I liked about ‘EU in Global Governance’ is that there would be an email each week updating me on the course progress. I know that thousands of people had signed up for the course but I felt like the emails were personalised just for me!

“I really like the design of the website…everything was very straightforward.”

Once the course started I studied mostly at home on the weekends as I wanted to be focused and really take in the information. I couldn’t do it on the tram or when out and about as I don’t have a smartphone!

Do you feel that taking a course with iversity helped in defining a new path for your interests and career direction?

My aim was to be able to put something relevant on my CV. My bachelor’s degree is in Psychology so I felt it was important to show I was building up knowledge in this new subject area.

I told my boss I had completed the course and he was really happy, telling me to keep him in the loop if I completed any more. The course is definitely something I would add on to my existing knowledge. There is a training program at work where we may look into funding for online courses such as the ones iversity has to offer.

Could you tell me more about Transparency International and what you enjoy about it?

“We do a variety of different things, the most well known is the annual Corruption Perception Index”

TI was founded in Germany 21 years ago. We work as a coalition to fight against corruption in different sectors, co-operating with governments, the public sector, the private sector. We do a variety of different things, the most well known is the Corruption Perception Index that we publish on an annual basis. This will be launched in December. We also have the Global Corruption Report on a specific topic such as sport, education amongst other things. It’s a really fascinating place to work.

Thanks Alexandra, great to get your feedback!


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