Scholartrip Winner Jesus and His Amazing Journey


Jesus, our Scholartrip Winner!

Last year, iversity ran a Scholartrip competition to spread the word to the world about online learning. The Grand Prize was an all-expenses paid adventure for one lucky winner to anywhere in the world they wanted, with the added bonus of a brand new MacBook to truly be able to study anywhere.

We announced our winner a while back, but now the time has come for Jesus to embark on his scholartrip, learning and adventuring his way around the world! We caught up with him on the island of Crete to see how he was doing.

Hi Jesus, congratulations on winning the Scholartrip competition! How did you feel when you found out that you would be going on such an amazing trip?

It’s hard to describe the feeling! I really didn’t believe that I had won the scholartrip until my brand new MacBook arrived at my door. I still remember that I couldn’t sleep that night (literally, I DID NOT sleep that night!)

Could you tell us where you are traveling to on your Scholartrip?

So far, I have visited New York, Athens and Crete. My next stop is Santorini. I decided to go New York because it is my mother’s favourite city. So, I invited her for this part of the trip. I am now continuing alone meeting some friends almost in every destination.

Athen with ZoiI am actually writing this from the island of Crete! This place has all of my favourite things: mountains, ocean, sun, international environment and lot of beautiful and peaceful places.

What do you hope to learn whilst travelling, could you tell us about the MOOC you have decided to take?

I am taking the “Digital and Social Media Marketing” course. I love marketing and I am currently working in Digital Marketing for the Tourism industry, so this is a great course to further my career.


Me in Times Square, New York. A great place for some Marketing inspiration.

Right now, I am working in an international online company. I am the search engine-marketing specialist of the company. Thus, it is important for me to continue to specialise in the emerging area of marketing (digital marketing).

What has been the most memorable/amazing experience of your trip?

So far, the most memorable experience has been just being able to be alone. It’s the first time in my life where I go to a place where nobody is waiting for me, just the person who gives me the key for the apartment.

I have had the opportunity to do things I don’t normally do – such as watch the sunset, walk along the beach and talk to people who perhaps I will never see again. I will never forget this experience and how good it made me feel.

Do you have any tips for the other iversity students, how to stay motivated and keep learning?

The best advice I can give online learners is to find courses that are truly helpful for you, in terms of professional career or personal life. Another great motivator is to actually pay for the course! This way you will think twice or three times before you decide not to finish your studies.

What is your opinion about online learning and how do you see its future?

I love online learning. Online courses have helped me in several ways. I needed to upgrade my knowledge about statistics to be able to finish my master thesis, so I simply took a course and learned what I needed.
A great example of online learning that comes to mind is a friend who took an online course to learn how to cook in a healthy way for her children. With the above, you can realise that this kind of learning can have a positive impact in so many ways.

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