iversity Scholartrip: Where would you go?

Thinking about where you’d take a dream trip really gets the imagination going. It might even be hard to decide. Just close your eyes and let your finger fall somewhere on a world map. Middle of the Arctic Ocean? Hmm, maybe try again. To help you out, here’s what your fellow iversitarians had to say. And believe it or not, we here over at the iversity office are also dreaming about where we would go, even though we can’t play. The whole idea for the Scholartrip arose because we agreed it would be an awesome opportunity for anybody. So, we’ll throw in some of our answers as well.

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Where iversitarians would go

A few weeks ago on the iversity Facebook page and blog, we asked iversitarians to tell us where they would go if they won. Here’s a few of the responses: New York, Minnesota, Lausanne, Outer Hebrides, Paris, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Cleveland, Cologne, Kyoto, Ontario, London, Tasmania, Madrid, Copenhagen, Niarobine, Florence and last but not least, the iversity office in Berlin.

For those of you who picked universities (i.e. Oxford, MIT and Harvard): We will help you take your MOOCs anywhere in the world. You will have the flight covered (up to 1,500 euros), 3 months of living expenses (1,500 euros/month) and a new laptop to bring along. You could, for example, go to the city where the university is located and find a spot on campus to study your MOOCs while you network. Remember, we cannot get you admission into any schools. Be sure to check out the Scholartrip page to read about the details, terms and conditions.

Where iversity would go

Dominik from Product: “I would go to Hawaii, because of the loose lifestyle and the surf-culture ;).”

Zeljko from Marketing: “New Zealand, because it’s the perfect environment for studying – mountains, lakes and the seaside all in close proximity. Plus it’s not too hot, not too cold.”

Martin from PR: “I would go to Hong Kong and use half the day to study, the other half to train with my Kung Fu grand master, Lee Kam Wing.”

Luisa from Quality Assurance: “I would go to Southeast Asia, perhaps Cambodia or Vietnam, because I think that there is a lot to learn about those countries that cannot yet be found in our textbooks.”

Jackie from Operations: “Rio de Janeiro. Brazil has always been at the top of my list of places to visit. I could study on the beach and use the chance to travel to other parts of the country.”

Hannes, Managing Director: “I would probably go to Thailand, preferably to an island where there are waves so I could go surfing around noon when it is too warm for online courses.”

Mattia from Academic Partnerships: “I would go to Australia because I love the laid back mentality of the locals and the stunning landscapes there.”

Alas, we will be working away at the office instead of taking a Scholartrip, but we will be eager to hear about all of the adventures the winner has. Who will it be? Time is ticking – start learning and sharing so that you can increase your chances of winning!

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