MOOCs: The University of Tomorrow

by Sara Rodríguez Arias

The image I designed represents the world of MOOCs. We can see a flower inside of a world. The flower means the birth of MOOCs. So let’s ask: what is a MOOC? In my country, probably many people would not know its meaning. A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course that offers the possibility of getting a certificate. Normally these courses are free.

Photo: created by Sara Rodríguez Arias

The possibilities offered by MOOCs

The so-called word ‘MOOC’ is a controversial subject matter that is on everybody’s lips today. There are people that are against MOOCs. Maybe because their thinking towards it is more traditional or they are not familiarised with technological devices. My leitmotiv: everybody is united and together we can change education. Among the main advantages of being enrolled in a MOOC, we can mention:

  • Less prejudices against other cultures.
  • Meet people from different parts of the world.
  • Get a certificate.
  • Increase your knowledge about a particular subject.
  • Be involved in teams and create original projects.
  • Create a business.
  • Get an education for free – without costs.
  • Meet teachers from top universities.
  • Anyone can join these courses –  no fee,  no credentials.

?Education for all

Students have the right to have a free education: at the university, at school, and in every corner of the world. Government should have enough money to pay teachers or we should find another way of financing education – it is not a matter of money, background or geographic context. Everyday I see that there are some areas where children do not have enough resources and cannot access education in many countries. Now that we are in a new era, we must make the difference between modern education and a traditional, closed method. We need teachers who do not bore students in a classroom. A teacher must be an inspiration and a coach for their students, helping them when they need it.

Moreover, ‘knowledge is power’. Therefore, society will be more intelligent and people will be thinking for themselves, without any kind of manipulation. This could be scary for some people or ‘manipulators of masses’. I still cannot imagine what will happen when we have education for free in every part of the world.

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