My Top Picks from Design 101

03 Sara Rodriguez Arias_largeby Sara Rodríguez Arias

Design 101 is a very creative course that offers the possibility of being involved in 101 projects during three months. The most important part about this course is to read the creative and original letters you receive in your mail every day and make the project in that same day. These letters tells a story and invite the reader to take part in these amazing projects.

101 projects every day

The content and the way the course is created is absolutely perfect. My first impression when I started to watch the videos was something like: Wow, I would love creating videos like these ones. Of course, if you want to enroll this course you should show an entire disposition to it because you will be receiving in your mail a letter every day for three months. 

I have seen awesome projects in this course that I would like to share with all of you. I give thanks to all those people who have shared these contents in social media like: Pinterest, all those Pages and Communities in Facebook from different countries, etc. I want to share with all of you pictures that students has shared during this course. Many of these pictures are marvelous pieces of art.  

Among the most interesting topics I really liked about this course were: Festivities, Make a Prototype of your Garden, Dinner for your Mum, Notebooks, Cooking my favourite dish, Kitchen Tools, Needles and Notebooks, Playing and Thinking and Make a Time Capsule.

Make a prototype of your garden

John Vincent Fuentes: "Japanese Garden"

This Japanese Garden combines perfectly with its colours. I especially love the contrast of colours. Blue and green because it relaxes my eyes when seeing the image. I am very passionated about Japanese culture and I really think that Vincent also loves it! The house is a marvelous representation of the Japanase architecture. I would add some light inside the Japanese house so that it can relaxes me during nights while sleeping.

Jorge Domínguez : "three layers of soil, the three types of plants and the decorative elements. Architectonical and Modern way of creating your own garden".

This design is really awesome! To me, it is very creative and modern because it uses a mixture of minimalism: the trees and modernism: in the use of colours and the way the structure of this garden is created. Amazing, Jorge!

Silva Kuha: "Wonderland Wintergarden"

A very imaginative way of representing a garden using papers, drawings, and imagination. Like 'Alice in Wonderland' but in this case: 'Wonderland wintergarden'. This project is fascinating!

Share one picture of your kitchen tools


By Dorothea Kunzendorf

This image remembers to those pages where you learn a language. The image and the written word that is why I choose it in this blog. Apart from this, I found it interesting because it is very well illustrated, very well organised and simple to understand. 

Raquel Ninot L: "In this picture I'm showing you, not only the tools, but also the ingredients and the process of making a 'Tortilla de Patatas'".

Tortilla de patatas is a typical Spanish meal and I love it! In every bar or restaurant we have this yummy delicatessen. 

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