How I Became An iversity Ambassador

01 Sagar Aryal_largeby Sagar Aryal

It’s me, Sagar Aryal from Nepal, one of the Ambassadors of iversity. Today I want to share what I did to become an Ambassador and how I enrolled a maximum of people so that it will encourage all the people participating in the second round of the Ambassador Programme. But first of all, I indeed want to acknowledge the iversity team for providing this opportunity where people can acquire and explore different fields of study for free.

I am one of the students of microbiology. The first time I saw iversity was on Facebook, when someone posted the link of “DNA – From Structure to Therapy”. I joined the course and similarly saw the link “Be an Ambassador!”. Then I thought: “Lets begin the campaign to enrol more and more students in this course.” I was already crazy about my microbiology field so it was pretty easy for me to send the information of this online course within my circle. I was already on about 200+ groups on Facebook which are all related to microbiology. First time I saw the Ambassador Programme was in the first week of October, with a deadline on 31 October. I forwarded on almost all the groups, keeping a gap of three to four days between my posts. I also made three or four banners with eye-catching pictures so that people become more attracted towards the course (see below).

I posted the Ambassador link in my LinkedIn and Twitter account, too. I have some Facebook pages related to microbiology where I also posted about this course and the result was worth it. I run a few websites (which is one of my passions) and placed the banners on two of them which have large attendances.

Finally, the deadline came and I was wondering and curious about how much others had enrolled. The result was planned to be published on mid-November. Although the deadline had already passed, I didn’t stop posting about the courses for a simple reason: If more people enrol, there will be more involvement of people, more activity and more group discussions during the course.

Then I contacted other people who had also applied for this program. I meet a few persons like Sara, Syed and Ayush and talked to them about iversity. I really became very good friends with them, especially with Sara. Later, Sara and I also ran one blog of Arts and Architecture. We both were desperately waiting for the result to be out. We finally waited until 13 November when we got the mail saying “Congratulations, You’re an iversity Ambassador now!”. Then I was very excited, jumpy, and joyful to hear that I was one of the Ambassadors. Then I messaged Sara to check her mail, and became even happier to know that she also became an Ambassador.

Then onwards, all of us Ambassadors are thinking to make iversity more successful and even better.


Sagar Aryal

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