New Teach Portal: Ready to Make the Next Best MOOC?

We want even more great, high-quality courses! So, now it’s time to announce a new portal on that gives professors and students who know great professors the chance to make a MOOC. It’s simple – in just a few clicks, you will be in contact with iversity, we will start a conversation about your ideas and see if we can collaborate and bring the course to life. 

Bring the lecture hall online

The benefits of online learning are not limited to the students. The digital era of education is here and professors now have the chance to open their classroom to the world. Get your ideas out there and expand your audience and network on a global scale. With the new online tools that digital education offers, this is also an chance to explore new innovative teaching methods. Maybe you have already considered making a MOOC but you weren’t sure where to start. Just visit the Teach Portal and make contact. Learn about what a MOOC looks like, the didactical methods of online learning, how the platform works and how iversity will collaborate with you to ensure a high-quality course. 

Recruit your favourite professor – get an iPad!

One of the best ways to find good professors is to simply ask the students. So that’s why we turn to you! If you know a great professor who you think needs to be shared with the world, let them know about us and let us know about them. Just follow the link below and we’ll walk you through it. It’s easy – and, if we end up making a course with them, you’ll get an iPad!

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