We Proudly Present: Our Ambassadors!

Meet the winners of our Ambassador Programme – the 10 iversitarians who most successfully spread the word about our courses and encouraged the most friends to join them in their learning endeavor on iversity.org. We are thrilled by the great diversity of world regions, cultures and learning interests that they reflect. You are going to hear more about and from them right here on our blog in the near future!

We are floored by the enthusiasm of the Ambassadors, first by spreading the word about our courses, and now by sending us information about who they are to share with you. We created a world map, giving them a face and a story, so check it out!

Ambassador Map 2

So (drumroll…) – Please welcome our Ambassadors!

01 Sagar AryalSagar Aryal (23, Nepal): Sagar is from Kathmandu and working on a Master’s degree in microbiology. He enrolled in the iversity course “DNA – From Structure to Therapy” and can’t wait for it to start. He seized the time until the start of the course on 5 April 2014 to refer his friends to iversity. Sagar is very aware that online education can contribute to his country’s scientific and economic advancement by closing gaps in Nepal’s university system.

04 Syed Mohsin Raza Bokhari_newSyed Mohsin Raza Bokhari (27, Pakistan): Lahore is well-known as the cultural and educational capital of Pakistan and features a long list of public and private educational institutions. With an estimated 10 million inhabitants, this metropolis is where Syed Mohsin Raza comes from. Like Sagar, he also is a biologist. Syed Mohsin Raza uses his knowledge to spread awareness about infectious diseases in Pakistan through his non-profit organisation “Awareness For All (AFA)”.

09 Francisco Manuel da Costa

Francisco Manuel da Costa (45, Portugal): Portugal has always been a center for voyagers and sailors. Francisco is a traveller, too. He has spent a lot of time in Portugal, Brazil and Angola – the largest Portuguese-speaking (or “Lusophone”) countries in the world – and works as a content curator who promotes e-learning. He has been involved in online education and distance learning since 1999 – a MOOC expert, you could say.

10 Johnn Four

Johnn Four (“40ish”, Canada): Johnn lives near the city of Edmonton and is a passionate role game player. He says he’s learned a lot from online games and operates his own blog dedicated to role playing. No wonder he wants to know more about “The Future of Storytelling”. Among other things, the teaching staff tell their students how to create massive casts of characters as seen in the games that Johnn and millions of other gamers around the world are playing.

05 Nadiyka Gerbish

Nadiyka Gerbish (25, Ukraine): Nadiyka also enrolled in the Storytelling course out of professional interest. She’s the author of the best-selling and award-winning book, “Warm Stories for Coffee Time”. Located in Zbarazh in Western Ukraine, she is especially happy about the possibility to study subjects with practical relevance, something that – according to Nadiyka – the educational system in the Ukraine sometimes lacks.

07 Tanuj Kalia

Tanuj Kalia (23, India): Chennai, where Tanuj’s lives, is a major educational hub in India – not unlike Lahore for Pakistan, where Syed comes from. Tanuj is a law graduate and runs the online platform “Lawctopus” that is dedicated to law students’ issues in India. He says that “online education can be a real game changer in India.” We couldn’t agree more!

02 BVSS RevanthBVSS Revanth (19, India): Revanth is currently graduating in computer sciences in the Indian city of Visakhapatnam. In India, he says, higher education is expensive and you need large amounts of money to have a chance to study. Online education can help change this – and we at iversity are happy to help!

03 Sara Rodriguez Arias

Sara Rodríguez Arias (24, Spain): Sara lives in Las Palmas, located on the island of Gran Canaria. She attends three courses on iversity: Dark Matter in Galaxies, Storytelling and Design 101 – a pretty wide range of interests. She’s a highly experienced MOOCer and has attended different online courses on other e-learning platforms as well. Along with this past experience, she has written a couple of very interesting and extensive MOOC reviews, including one about Einstein’s Relativity Theory.

08 Claudio Rodriguez Valdes

Claudio Rodriguez Valdes (30, Germany): Claudio is a freelance illustrator, concept artist and character designer living in Darmstadt, Germany. We are highly impressed with his graphic work. He is convinced that the internet has the potential to revolutionise higher education – not by replacing the old system, but by contributing to it in a multitude of beneficial ways.

06 Denis ZilberDenis Zilber (37, Israel): Denis successfully built a career as a professional illustrator and animator, although he doesn’t have a formal degree. He works in advertising and in the field of children’s books, after graduating from the online school of animation “Animentor.com”. Denis is a prime example of one key advantage that MOOCs hold: Everyone can access courses without restrictions. In his case, online education can lead to real-life opportunities even without traditional, formal qualifications.

Our Ambassadors have a variety of motivations to join the MOOC world: Some are studying and trying to supplement their education through online courses, while others want to acquire additional knowledge that is useful for their jobs. They all have very different cultural backgrounds, but they share one vision: To advocate for awesome educational opportunities on the internet!

Thanks again to everybody who took part in the Ambassador Programme!


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