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Distance Learning iversity and Langenscheidt

Believe it or not: The roots of online learning actually date back almost 160 years in Germany. Of course there was no internet, there were no computers and university professors wore black bow-ties to class. Their teaching materials were usually nothing more than a piece of chalk and a blackboard. And yet there were a few outstanding individuals who made it possible to study anywhere – even back in the mid-19th-century.

The German book publisher Gustav Langenscheidt and French language teacher Charles Toussaint made the best of the scarce media resources that the time provided: In 1856 they invented the “Teaching Letters for the French Language”, probably the first method of distance learning. The programme was intended to help people learn language skills they could use in their professional life.

Langenscheidt Toussaint Diploma -

Langenscheidt Toussaint Diploma

Anyone interested could order a series of letters for 27 to 36 Deutsche Mark. If you were one of the learners, you received a new envelope in your mailbox every two weeks. Every letter contained texts in the language you wanted to learn with line-by-line translations and exercises that were supposed to make learners speak as much as possible. This way the letters’ recipients could learn a foreign language in an efficient way that was easy to incorporate in their daily schedule. When the learners had completed a set of Teaching Letters, which usually took about a year and a half, they could complete a final exam. If they succeeded, they were rewarded with a colourful certificate drawn by an artist.

No doubt distance learning has come a long way since those first steps. Think video lectures, interactive quizzes and learning journals! But who knows, if all this had evolved without the first courageous steps that Gustav Langenscheidt and Charles Toussaint took into the direction of a self-paced, innovative way of learning from wherever you want?

Florian Langenscheidt - iversity

Florian Langenscheidt

As Florian Langenscheidt, Gustav Langenscheidt’s great-grandson, said recently: “In the Founder Epoch of the 19th century my great-grandfather invented a first method of distance learning – by letter. In the Founder Epoch of the 21st century iversity invented a new method of interactive distance learning – by internet.”

We are glad your great-grandfather started this, Florian Langenscheidt. And we promise to keep the wheel of innovation spinning. So that anyone can enjoy to study anywhere in the most modern and effective way.

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Top 6 Marketing SkillsHave you heard about our Digital Marketing Toolkit? If you are considering a career in this field, then this is a great opportunity to learn essential marketing skills in an accessible, flexible and affordable way. Now you can certify in two great Marketing courses for 20% off: “Digital and Social Media Marketing” and “Building Strong Digital Brands”. Not convinced yet? Then check out the 6 key skills below that you can take away from our Digital Marketing Toolkit.

Knowing your audience

Digital Marketing Key SkillsThe more you know about your audience, the easier it is not only to find the people you’re looking for, but also deliver the right content they’re waiting for. Who could be interested in the product or service you offer? What do they need to know about your offering? How can you keep them engaged in your product? Learn how to find the audience that fits your company’s message and integrate your findings into your marketing strategy.

Choosing the best marketing channels

Digital Marketing Key SkillsIt is one thing to know your audience, now you just have to know where to find them. Are they crawling through their Facebook feeds or are they snapping away in Snapchat? Find out how to anticipate social behaviours and learn to choose the right channels for reaching your audience. You will both maximise your audience reach, as well as improve your audience’s engagement rate. Not to mention, optimising your targeting efforts will always save you money in the long run.

Creating engaging and viral content

Digital Marketing Key SkillsOnce you know your audience and the right channels to reach them through, you can start to think about the kind of content that would appeal to them. How do you create great content that stands out? What makes content go viral? Learn what content engages your audience the most and what content best represents your company’s brand.

Developing successful digital brand storytelling

Digital Marketing Key SkillsCreating engaging content is a great start, but individual pieces of content don’t automatically make a good story. Telling a good story is crucial because it is something that people can relate to, will remember and share with their friends. Storytelling works best if you can think of an overarching story that connects all your marketing efforts. Learn to build a successful branding campaign by connecting content through digital brand storytelling.

Generating strong emotions around a brand

Digital Marketing Key SkillsOnce you have set up all of the conditions for a great digital marketing campaign, you can really go into detail. People feel most connected with brands that evoke an emotional reaction. Is there a way your brand can touch your audience on an emotional level? Find the best way to generate strong emotions around your brand and learn to build emotional connections with your audience. Then you can build strong relationships with them that last.

Analysing relevant data

Digital Marketing Key SkillsConsidering all the individual steps that converge in your marketing campaign, it’s important to keep track of everything. When will you send which piece of content and how will you measure its impact? Learn how to plan, execute, evaluate and analyse a digital marketing campaign and get to know core tools that will help you measure and optimise your strategy.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 12.28.01

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Building Strong Digital BrandsAs companies today increasingly use digital and social media marketing to reach consumers, brand management is becoming more and more essential. If companies don’t want to be left behind, they need to start exploring digital branding opportunities right now. But what is the best way to do that? Getting instructions from an expert in our online course “Building Strong Digital Brands” is the perfect start.

1. Learn The Digital Brand Management Basics

Last year, the Economist asked, “What are brands for?”. Digital branding remains an underrepresented and unexplored field one year later. Not for Prof. Dr. Dieter Georg Herbst, though. In addition to his international academic career, the German brand and communication expert has 15 years of experience in the field. Currently, Prof. Herbst teaches at the Berlin University of the Arts, which will be offering his MOOC “Building Strong Digital Brands” on iversity starting 19 October 2015. In this online course, Prof. Herbst will first give an introduction to brand management and digital media and technologies. Course participants will then dive deep into digital brand storytelling as well as advanced methods and techniques used to generate strong emotions around a brand.

2. Get Valuable Tips From A Branding Expert

Prof. Herbst has worked in the Corporate Communications Department of Schering, a global pharmaceutical company, has been an executive partner in Source 1 Networks GmbH since 1999, and advises companies all over the world. Now he looks forward to sharing his professional insights gained from over 15 years of work experience to the public. “I want to show how brands establish deep connections with digital media and maintain the relationship over the long term,” says Prof. Herbst in an interview with iversity. “I am passionate about branding. I created the course to share that passion.” Prof. Herbst will offer participants the rare opportunity to explore real case studies and listen to personal anecdotes from his years of experience in digital brand management. On top of that, participants can look forward to getting valuable tips you can’t find in the books.

3. Build Your Own Digital Brand

Although the internet provides a vast net of opportunities, many companies haven’t yet taken advantage of the unique aspects of digital branding. According to Prof. Herbst, “There is still a huge unused potential in digital brand management for stories, pictures and strong emotions which come with digital brands.” In his MOOC, he will enable participants to discover and explore this potential to build their own unique brand strategy. These learnings can be applied to businesses as well as anyone’s own personal brand. No matter if you are studying, working for a company or trying to make a name for yourself as a freelancer, everyone can benefit from learning about corporate and personal branding.

4. Become A Digital Branding Whiz

“Building Strong Digital Brands” is strongly recommended for participants interested management, marketing and related other fields. In addition, anyone who is curious is more than welcome to join in. Prof. Herbst puts it this way: “If you think about the fact that we all are surrounded by digital media and digital technology 24/7, that we are automatically consumers and constantly, consciously or unconsciously, in contact with brands, it is obvious that this MOOC is very interesting for those who are passionate about digital media and digital technologies in general.” Are you? Then be sure to join this new MOOC to set the foundations for becoming a digital branding whiz.

Don’t Miss Our Digital Marketing Toolkit

https://iversity.org/en/bundles/the-marketing-toolboxDo you want to get the most out of “Building Strong Digital Brands”? Then you should consider enrolling in our “Digital Marketing Toolkit”. iversity is currently offering two courses by digital marketing professionals, who will each share their expertise and guide you to understand the most essential aspects of the field. Show your current and potential employers that you are motivated to stay ahead of the curve and have grasped the complex world of digital marketing. With the Toolkit, you will not only get certified in “Building Strong Digital Brands”, but also “Digital and Social Media Marketing” at a 20% discount. Learn more about the Digital Marketing Toolkit here.

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Digital Marketing Toolkit - iversity.org

Are you interested in the field of Digital Marketing? Then you’re in luck! iversity has announced two courses offered by digital marketing professionals who will share their expertise and guide you in our Digital Marketing Toolkit. Acquire vital marketing skills, jump-start your career with our unique course bundle and get certified for 20% off!

Develop Fundamental Skills With “Digital And Social Media Marketing”

Start your learning in September by building a foundation in “Digital and Social Media Marketing”. Offered by a consortium led by Salford Business School, this course will teach you essential online marketing skills. Discover how to identify your target audience, choose the best marketing channels and create engaging, viral content. After the course, you will be able to develop a strategy that is smart, cost-effective and generates great results.

Advance Your Skills With “Building Strong Digital Brands”

In October, you will dive into the world of Digital Branding with our course “Building Strong Digital Brands”. Offered by the Berlin University of the Arts (Universität der Künste, Berlin), this course will teach you how people’s perception of your brand affects how they behave, and how you can adapt the personality of your brand to match your target audience. Once you complete the course, you will be able to weave an exciting story around your brand that builds strong emotional connections with your audience.

Benefit From Our Unique Digital Marketing Toolkit

If you are interested in a career in the field of Marketing, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the Digital Marketing, Branding and Social Media landscape. Each of these key subject areas greatly impact each other, and our Digital Marketing Toolkit is the perfect way to understand today’s complex digital marketing world in a flexible, affordable and engaging way. Show your potential or existing employers that you are driven to learn and stay ahead of the industry curve. So don’t miss this opportunity to jump-start your digital marketing career and get certified at a great price!

Take Advantage Of Our Bundle Benefits

Both “Digital and Social Media Marketing” and “Building Strong Digital Brands” are free courses and offer a Certificate Track option at the price of 49€ each. You can, however, take advantage of our special offer: Enrol via our Digital Marketing Toolkit offering and receive a 20% discount on both courses! Seize this opportunity to be part of a unique learning experience by taking these courses that perfectly complement each other. You will learn from experts in both fields and receive two valuable certificates on top. Start building your skills with the Digital Marketing Toolkit today and take your first step towards a creative and rewarding career.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 12.28.01

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Learn the ins and outs of the German job market and work culture in our new “Employability Skills” MOOC. As the course start date is nearing, we spoke with course instructor Antti Kapanen and asked him to give a little preview into what to expect in the course. Mr. Kapanen has taught students from all over the world in his Master of Business Administration and Engineering programme at the HTW Berlin. Over the years, international graduate employability has become the centrepoint of his research work. In our “Employability Skills” MOOC he will share his expertise in the field and teach internationals key skills for landing a job in a German company.

20150717-iversity_AnttiKapanen-employabilityMr. Kapanen, what is the most exciting thing about your field of study?

This MOOC links to two great demographic trends of our time in Europe. One is the internationalisation of society. In Germany, already every fifth person has a migrant background. Of university students, currently about 12 percent are international but this figure is growing. The second trend is the transformation of employment toward what we call a “protean” career.

Can you explain what you mean by “protean” career?

The term “protean” originates from the Greek water god Proteus, who would adapt to situations by changing his form. Indeed, when surveyed, close to all German employers emphasise the ability to adapt to new situations as an important graduate skill. Another “protean” skill is that of lifelong learning: Finishing a degree, it seems, is becoming nothing but a good start!

What was your motivation for making a MOOC?

Many international students wish to work in Germany after graduation. However, their success depends not only on their courses and grades, but also on their understanding of how the world of work in Germany functions. At the university, we teach this in seminars, but the fundamentals are quite universal and relevant for most students and graduates – and therefore a great topic for a MOOC.

What do you expect your students to get out of the course?

The students will gain a range of skills and knowledge that they can immediately put into practice – but the most important thing I wish the students to get out of the course is a habit of self-reflection.

Let’s say I am not currently studying this subject. Why would this course be interesting for me?

This course will give you a balanced skills package for starting and developing a career in Germany. If this is your aim, you should not miss this course.

What will help students do well in the course?

Putting into practice, as soon as possible, what you have learned in the course will help you gain the most out of it. Communicating and reflecting with the other learners will broaden your view on your career and help you gain and evaluate new ideas.

I want to get a head start before the course begins. What would you suggest I do to prepare?

Take a couple of hours to analytically write down what your career is all about. What are your key competences? How can you make the best use of them? What values, interests and future objectives drive and define your career? We will be asking such questions in the MOOC, but answering them thoroughly may take a while, so better start early.


Are you fit for the German job market? Take our “Employability Skills” MOOC and turn your next job opportunity into a career success! In this course you will learn to develop individual career identities and strategies as well as job application skills and workplace competencies. Enrol today and find out how to get your foot in the door!

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