New Course: Gamification Design!

How can you make things more fun and more engaging? In fact, this is the core question in gamification design. Check out this new MOOC and discover the secrets behind the gaming industry.

Meet the course instructors

As a team of four, this course brings the cream of the crop of the gamification world. Along with Yannick Sampedro, Victor Manrique is game designer at Play Jugo, as well as an associate professor at the IEBSchool, General Coordinator of Gamification Spain Meetups and author of To pick out a few things from his long resume, Dr. Oscar Garcia-Panella directs the Videogame Degree at ENTI-UB Barcelona and the online Gamification & Transmedia Storytelling Master Program for the IEBSchool, works as a senior gamification consultant for Cookie Box and operates the ProMultimedia Association. Entrepreneur Isidro Rodrigo is also an associate professor at the IEBSchool, an experience designer, speaker, game master and storyteller at Dummymedia's educational studios.

Course structure and learning outcomes

Starting in March 2014, the course is broken up into 7 chapters. Beginning with the basics, you will learn about creating motivation and engagement in games, the first steps in design and the important aspects of storytelling and aesthetics. By the end of the course, you will not only have a comprehensive understanding of design basics, but also the psychological, industrial and educational side of the gamification world.

Ready to become a gaming guru? Read more about the course and enrol today!

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