MOOCing for Expectant Mothers: 5 hints to do it better and with more fun

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by Nadiyka Gerbish

Maternity leave changes your whole life, bringing the huge shift of your priorities, changing your lifestyle, and dictating some new rules. But not only that: it also gives you a great deal of new inspiration!


MOOCing is one of the possibilities to put your inspiration load to good use. Here are some tips how to do it more effectively:

1. Learn while you rest

With every day your belly grows, you will need more and more time offs. You can have a nap, a light snack, a short walk, watch a TV-show, read a book, – or watch a tutorial video! Choose the courses you have deep interest in – it will boost your motivation.

2. Establish a routine

You might have heard it 50 times already from you healthcare provider, but I will repeat it once more: a healthy and well-balanced routine helps a person, and especially a mother-to-be, to manage her duties well, to do more work in less time, and to feel less anxiety. New and interesting information you get from a MOOC will also avert you attention from your nagging backache. And that can count as a small miracle!

3. Learn while waiting

Waiting is the main theme of pregnancy, isn’t it? That is the reason you are called an expectant mom, anyway. Your healthcare provider office is only one place to practice your waiting. Don’t get discouraged and dive into the studying instead!

4. Share the information

You can share the new information you get from your course with your spouse (bring it up to change the subject of choosing those baby names), your friends (your Facebook friends included), or the other moms-to-be. Joy of learning is contagious! And one more advantage: by spreading the word you can become an iversity Ambassador!

5. Practice what you preach study

One of the beautiful benefits of MOOCs is their practical value. Be sure to use it – learn and apply the knowledge you are gaining.     

Use your time with wisdom – and fun. Who knows, maybe you are carrying a future Nobel prize winner inside? So get prepared!