My name is Jeremy Cohen, and I’m iversity’s token Californian.


by Jeremy Cohen

Howdy All!

Fate brought me to the iversity team: I had been traveling through Northern Germany as an itinerant WWOOFer (someone who willingly works on an organic farm in return for room and board), and one evening, by pure happenstance, I spotted an iversity recruitment notice for creative minds on my Facebook newsfeed. The thought of spending a month in Berlin as a writer and editor was just too tempting for me to pass up, so, I updated my resume posthaste and fired off my application. And now I’m here!

Berlin is my playground and promenade. When I manage to find free time outside the office, I sometimes like to go on long, desultory walks. If I do have a destination in mind, it’s usually someplace quite ordinary; more often than not, I’ll spend the entire day walking around the city, and then finish the evening with a meal of Roman-like proportions. Well, maybe not Roman-like, but food is often foremost so far as interests go, that and of course innovation in the field of education.

As an undergraduate I studied English Literature at Berkeley – with a concentration in afternoon napping; so iversity has given me the opportunity to finally express myself in a professional environment. In an ideal world, I would like to work again as an editor or writer in the US. In the real world, I may take the experiences which iversity has afforded me and apply them in the wood-panelled halls of some American law school. In either case, iversity has given me my first taste of life as an editor/translator.

You can follow me and my flights of fancy, writ large, on my blog (devoted to ice hockey, punk music, and international corporate finance) at

Hang loose, Germany,