More iversity updates!

by Fernando Pernica

Here we are again with more features and product news – the developers are on FIRE!

1. The Reader: now across the Channel
and far, far beyond

We have already explained to our international users what a Reader or a script are. Now, we think the world is ready for it. Users in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States can already start ordering their course or group Reader, or start making their own personal compilation of reading materials!

This is iversity’s most significant step in expanding its international presence. We hope that with the Reader being made available to other countries will assert and realise iversity’s true cross-border nature!

Do you also want the Reader service in your country? Write us an e-mail to let us know!




2. Multiple admins for courses,
groups and conferences

This feature has been quite high up on the developers to-do list for a while, and here it is! Now users can make other members admins of their courses, groups and conferences.

This feature will open new opportunities for students and teaching assistants to take the lead in setting up their courses or research groups on iversity! This means that students will get what they want by having their course on iversity and professors will still have oversight of the content and conversations taking place. It’s a win-win situation…again!

If you have any more ideas for features, drop us an e-mail: or use the Feedback-Option on our webpage.




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