Mixing and Matching: How do you like to learn?

Apples or oranges? Skiing or snowboarding? Cats or dogs? We all have different tastes and opinions, and the same applies to the way we learn. It may sound like this could be a problem in education, but with the possibilities offered by technology, it can be an advantage. With more flexibility, access to information and options, we can build learning into and around our lives and adapt it to our needs and tastes. So how do you learn? Well, let’s have a look at some examples of how others have answered this question.

Blending On- and Offline

Edtech Digest recently published an article highlighting 6 blended learning models that incorporate online learning. Here’s a sneak peak:

  • The “Face-to-Face Driver” model allows the teacher to introduce online learning according to the needs of the individual student. 
  • The “Rotation” model creates a schedule for students, partly designated in the traditional classroom, partly held online. 
  • The “Flex” model makes online learning the central focus, which is then supported by on-site instruction and care. 

We see here that the classroom can take many shapes. Online learning isn’t meant to to replace offline education, but supplement and support it. If you are a working professional, retiree, young learner or full-time student, you can incorporate online learning into your life as you see fit. This could be a MOOC on the side of your studies, but this could also mean introducing open computer labs in schools. 

Reinventing Education

Interested in new experimental teaching methods? Check out the article from Wired “How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses”. We at iversity are passionate about pushing higher education into the digital age and welcome inventive ideas and lively discussion about all of the different ways to build new learning models. Join in the discussion!

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