The Brains Behind the iversity Platform: Meet the Product Development Team!

Underneath the surface of iversity’s website, there’s a lot of technical stuff that goes unseen by our users: databases, scripts, apps, applets and algorithms, and thousands of lines of cryptic code. New features are under construction all the time, so you can imagine how much work it takes to build and run such a complex platform. The guys from our Product Development Team got it covered. So who are these magicians? Here’s your chance to meet them!

Standing: Dmitry, Melissa, Max, Ioana, Andre, Gordon. Sitting: Tim and Gerald. Not in the picture: Dinis and Jo 

First of all: What do they do all day?

A good educational platform has to fulfill many technical requirements. Ultimately, the learning experience must be a lot of fun, absorbingly engaging and very user-friendly, not to mention nice to look at. But that’s not all. You, our users, request new features that we try to implement as quickly as possible – the activity log was one of the wishes expressed by our users. The product team is here to breathe life into these ideas. Before a feature is finally deployed, it has gone through a long creative process. Ideas are transformed into concepts, the concepts are honed and sharpened, designs are created, all that is transformed into code, and then the features are tested, fixed and tested again and again. And there’s more: The developers have to make sure that the platform runs smoothly, the servers are well-maintained, greedy data thieves can’t get their hands on our users’ data and that everything scales well as more and more users join iversity.

Who’s in charge?

Gerald is responsible for iversity’s product strategy and leads the product team. He oversees the conceptualisation and implementation of every single feature, consults with the other departments, and makes sure that everything looks right and works well together. Dmitry, the Chief Technology Officer, keeps the platform up and running and is responsible for the overall technical strategy and server infrastructure. 

André and our freelancer Gordon are the two back-end developers. They are true puzzle-solving wizards, and whenever something goes wrong with the platform, they’re there to fix it! Dinis keeps our front-end in shape with a lot of attention to detail. He came all the way from Portugal to join the team in Berlin. Tim is iversity’s analytics guy – a mathematician who juggles the numbers in order to find out which didactical and technical features really work for online learning and which don’t. Ioana is our project manager and handles quality assurance. She oversees testing and makes sure features function correctly before they go live. She is better at finding bugs than the NSA is at finding the backdoor to your computer and ensures that the platform runs like a ‘64 Mustang. 

Finally, there are three interns working at the Product Development Department. Maybe you’ve been in touch with Max before: He assists Gerald with the conceptual work of the platform, conducts continual research on the EdTech industry as a whole and is responsible for customer support (we’re not sure when he finds time to sleep). Jo and Melissa are developer apprentices working on the front-end. They also help Ioana with testing the website and Tim with data analysis.

Some fun facts

  • Dmitry crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a sailing ship
  • Andre enjoys winning hackathons
  • Dinis had never seen snow before arriving in Berlin
  • Gordon biked through Africa
  • Melissa plans to cross Mongolia by horse this summer

Future plans

Are you curious to know what they’re working on right now? We can’t give away everything but we can definitely give you a little sneak peek: Graded certificates are just around the corner and the discussion features are going through a major revamp. Last but not least, the much anticipated mobile app will be available for your mobile devices just a little bit further down the road. 

As we said before, there’s a lot of work to do. Are you a developer or a product enthusiast and would like to work with our team in Berlin? Check out our job openings – you might just find what you’re looking for!

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