Who’s Hans from iversity? Meet the Marketing Team

Have you ever wondered who Hans from iversity is? You know his name because he keeps sending you newsletters every week. Some users thought this guy was an invention – but he's real! So are his four colleagues who run the Marketing Department at iversity.org.

What do they do all day?

In short, the Marketing Department promotes iversity.org: they try to let the world know who we are. For this, they’re constantly looking for new possibilities to spread the word about the company and trying to find new channels to reach the public. They want to keep everybody up-to-date about what’s going on with the platform, so they make sure a fresh newsletter ends up in your mailbox every week. 

Of course, they also help make the platform more fun to use. By conducting profound data analyses, they keep optimising the user experience, which makes online learning as pleasant as possible for everyone.

Furthermore, the Marketing Department works closely with other departments. Together with the Communications Department, for example, they craft our messages and send them out to the world. The Course Production Department works to promote courses through all different kinds of channels and together with the Product Development team, they look for ways to improve the platform.

Inside the team

At the moment, the marketing team consists of 5 people, who have all lived and studied in different places. First of all, there’s Zeljko, who studied Business Communications at the University of Arts Berlin (UdK). He leads the marketing team. The one who gets the users to the platform, who keeps them there and makes them happy is Ronan. Ronan is from Ireland and studied Business and Politics in Dublin. Milos, born in Serbia and raised in the Czech Republic, studied economics in Prague and history of Eastern Europe in Bologna and Istanbul. His main responsibility is data analysis and reporting. Cobi recently joined our marketing team as an intern. She’s from Belgium and is still finishing her studies in Business Communications. She’s helping Hans with the email marketing and writing this Meet the team blog post for you. 

A spotlight on Hans from iversity

And finally,  we have Hans from iversity. Hans graduated with a BSc in Communications and has been working for iversity ever since. He’s responsible for the email marketing and a million other things to find new users and instructors for iversity. Like we told you before, the mysterious ‘Hans from iversity’ is a real person in our marketing team. He’s actually sitting next to me at this very moment. Still not convinced? Well, here are some fascinating facts about him:

  • He is German but studied at universities in the Netherlands & US
  • He used to play bass guitar in a death metal band
  • He worked as a janitor for 9 months after high school
  • He has a love for both soft and hard cheeses 
  • He once shook Phoenix Jones' hand because he’s really into superheroes 

So next time you get your newsletter from iversity, you know it’s our cheese-loving bass player who’s keeping you up-to-date!  If you don’t receive this famous newsletter, you can easily sign up by visiting the iversity.org homepage, scolling down to the box with the envelope image and entering your email!

Want to know more about the people behind iversity? Keep your eye on the blog for our next Meet the team posts to find out more about the people of iversity!