Mapping the MOOC: Over 75,000 Storytellers Around the World

One of the most exciting elements of online education is that it enables an interactive global learning community. Maybe you have found yourself wondering: “Where do all of my fellow classmates come from?” Well, nearly 10,000 of you have put your location on a map, so take a look! It seems that the Future of Storytelling MOOC tells a story in itself. People are literally coming from all corners of the globe – from the northern tip of Canada to Tierra del Fuego in southern Argentina, from San Francisco to Siberia. Keep in mind that you are currently involved in something revolutionary: You are part of an international community of like-minded people studying together without barriers!

One more thing: Somebody placed their pin in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where no land is in sight for thousands of miles. What are you doing there? Are you on a boat? Well – sounds like there’s another fascinating story to tell…

Want to join the legion of worldwide storytellers? It's not too late, enrol today!

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