Customising Learning: What Learning at iversity Looks Like (II)

Courses at iversity are adaptive. This means: Material can be customised to fit the different levels of knowledge that students have when entering a course. If you followed our previous blog post, Breaking down the 90-minute lecture, you already have some idea about what iversity’s online-learning course structure looks like. Now we want to take you a step further and highlight the adaptive learning features that are available to enhance your learning experience.

It’s not you, it’s me: Shaping the course material, not the user

iversity orients its units in order to keep you engaged and this means keeping you interested in the material. So how do you make one course maintain the interest of so many different people?  Unlike at the university, where prerequisites make sure that participants are more or less on the same level, with MOOCs, students come from all over the world, from all sorts of walks of life. iversity doesn’t want to change this – it is our core belief to make our MOOCs accessible to everyone – but we can change how you interact with the material. Adaptive 101 is a feature iversity offers course professors to allow you to manage course material according to your own educational background.


Adaptive 101: Focus on what you’re ready to learn

So what can Adaptive 101 offer you exactly? Let's say you enrol in a course about photography. First, you have to start with the basics, learning about what a camera is, how it works and how to hold it. It might be rather boring for a trained physicist to learn about what a camera is, while likewise, learning how to hold a camera might simply be repetitive for an experienced amateur photographer. Adaptive 101 allows you to take a pre-quiz, and if you pass, you can skip that unit’s material and it will be marked complete. Therefore, you have more time to concentrate on the things that you are ready to learn, by skipping over the things you already know.

But pre-quizzes are not only beneficial because of the possibility of skipping a unit, it may also serve as a helpful primer: whether you pass the pre-quiz or not, you are able to get an idea about what to expect in that unit and it may even awaken a new interest in the given subject.

Can’t wait to start your next MOOC? Try out the learning experience for yourself, browse our course catalogue and enrol today!

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