Join the Flash Referral Challenge: 4 May – 11 May

We wanted to make sure that you know that the Flash Referral Challenge started today. You have 1 week to refer at least 3 friends and if they enrol in a course, you’ll get a 10€ iversity voucher. You can use this voucher towards any Certificate Track in any course!

Flash Referral Campaign May 2015

Remember that this is a Flash Challenge: You can only earn the voucher between the 4 May – 11 May! Just go to Your Referrals to participate and click the “Join the Challenge” button. After the week closes and you successfully referred at least 3 friends, we’ll email you the 10€ iversity voucher. Sorry, only one voucher will be rewarded per person!

Need more information about how the referrals program works?

First go to Your Referrals, either found in the main menu bar or in the dropdown menu by your name in the top-right corner of the page. If you scroll down the Referrals page, you will find all of your personal referral links. Your unique referral code has been added to the end of each link. To start referring, simply copy the links or use the easy social media buttons to share with your friends.