iversity’s New Year’s Resolutions for 20

Now that we’ve looked back, it’s time to look forward. We already know that there’s a lot to be accomplished in 2014, so now we present iversity’s 4 New Year's Resolutions:

Happy New Year! (Image: bigstockphoto.com)

1. 100 courses, 1 million users

Who says you can’t be extra ambitious with your resolutions? iversity shoots for the sky with its goal for 2015: 100 courses, 1 million users

2. More ECTS Credits

Accessing free education with MOOCs is one thing, but having the chance to earn credits takes online learning to the next level. Being based in Europe, iversity has the chance to offer ECTS credits and fully intends to make this happen in even more courses, along with more ways to take and submit the exam!

3. An ever-improving platform

One could easily argue that iversity’s product team is the busiest. Whether or not this is true, it can certainly be said that the platform is constantly being improved. Applying state-of-the-art tools, fixing bugs and adding new features are at the top of the 2014 task list. We also invite you to share your wishes and ideas with us, so that we can continue to improve your learning experience! 

4. To keep spreading the word!

Making high-quality, university-level education accessible to all is the core of iversity’s mission. With the coming Ambassador rounds and new campaigns, as well as continuing to expand the platform and social media, the next year will continue the mission to give more people worldwide the chance to take full advantage of free academic education! 

We invite you to follow the blog, Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to the newsletter (sign up found near the bottom of our homepage) to stay informed as 2014 unfolds. Hey, it’s free, so there’s no risk involved!

Thank you for helping us make 2013 a great year! We are anxious to get started on our list and invite you to join us for the ride. We wish you all success and happiness in 2014!

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