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by Mirus Fitzner

Campus Adlershof: The first iversity cluster

Despite being first and foremost a social network that facilitates collaboration in academia, iversity has now released its first custom solution for an academic institution.

Our clusters are institutional sub-networks within iversity. By linking up the members of the institution with relevant content, clusters help them to stay connected.

The Campus Adlershof, for example, houses six institutes of the Humboldt-Universität, as well as eleven non-university research facilities and more than 900 companies. We hope that iversity’s Adlershof cluster will make it easier for students and researchers alike to connect, collaborate and share knowledge.

Take a look at the cluster (www.iversity.org/adlershof) or find out more about iversity’s customised solutions at www.iversity.org/pages/solutions.


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Social Reading notifications

From now on, you will be notified if someone annotated a text. The notification will provide a little teaser of what was written.

The “XYZ opened a document in the Social Reader” notification was meant to raise awareness of the Social Reader’s usefulness to old and new users.



Even better course management

After streamlining the invitation process and introducing the invitation code, which has made joining a course much easier, we have now added the feature to remove members from a course.

To do so, simply go to your course or group and click on „All participants“. There, you can remove people individually from the course roster.



And finally, some other minor fixes:

1. You can upload pictures to course pages and by that give some more outward appeal to your teaching. 

2. You can remove pictures now. So, the pictures that you upload to your profile or your conferences can be deleted, exchanged, or updated.



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