iversity Launches Five New Courses!

Course production at iversity is advancing at a fast pace. Today we are proud to announce that five new MOOCs are joining our platform, and their subject areas include: cyber security & human rights, car mechanics, and probability theory. Stay tuned, even more courses will soon follow!

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Cyber Security & Human Rights

Since Edward Snowden unveiled the shocking espionage practices of the NSA, an intense debate about human rights has erupted: What role does cyber security play in ensuring public and individual privacy? Now iversity offers an insider look into this hot topic with the upcoming MOOC –Public Privacy: Cyber Security & Human Rights, with Prof. Dr. Anja Mihr from the Berlin-based Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance. Enrol now, join the discussion and learn how to critically assess the interaction between internet data surveillance and civil liberties in an increasingly online world.

Car Mechanics

Most people eventually experience the thrill of driving a car, but have you ever wanted to know what lies beyond the wheel? iversity now offers a series of three new MOOCs created by Prof. Dr. Martin Meywerk who teaches at the Helmut-Schmidt University Hamburg. Each course takes you deeper into the inner workings of automobile dynamics:

From the clutch to the gears to anti-lock brakes, Vehicle Dynamics I: Accelerating and Braking takes you on a stop-and-go crash course through the power and limits of a car. Vehicle Dynamics II: Cornering switches lanes and explains the mechanics of cornering, the single track model, over- and under-steering, and other lateral aspects of vehicular physics. Looking for a smooth ride? Vehicle Dynamics III: Vertical Oscillations moves you into the suspension system and springs, giving you a new perspective of cobblestone streets and investigates the conflict between safety and comfort.

Probability Theory

How probable is it that you will be injured in a car accident? What are the chances of being struck by lightening? Does it even make sense to play the lottery? From making everyday decisions to anticipating hypothetical situations, knowing how to assess risks and chances is invaluable. Get familiar with the math that lies behind the seemingly random and join Dr. Malte Persike (Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz) in his new MOOC, Einführung in die Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung (Introduction to Probability Theory, in German).

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