iversitarian Meetups Popping Up Everywhere!

Looking for something to do over the holidays? Need to escape the family for a bit? If you haven’t checked it out lately, have a look at iversity Meetups Everywhere. After Architecture course’s Ivan Shumkov hosted his own New York Meetup, over 30 communities have been created across the globe. Find one near you or create your own!

Image from www.meetup.com

Think Glocally!

The Internet has resulted in an ever-growing global network, and MOOCs attract students worldwide. Use iversity Meetups Everywhere to make your global network more local, as well as take your online courses even further. Find iversitarians near you, host a meeting and take advantage of some of the possibilities: 

  • Find and meet people who are as passionate about online learning or a specific topic as you are.
  • Take a course chapter and work on the material together.
  • Create study groups, discuss course content and prepare for exams face-to-face.

How to do it in 3 Easy Steps

Starting your own Meetup is easy. Just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Check out iversity Meetups Everywhere: Follow the link and see if there is already a meetup community in your area.
  2. Set-up and confirm your meetup: If there isn’t a group in your area, click “start a new community” with the green plus button, located below the map (see image above). Within an existing community, you can then host an event by selecting “schedule a new meetup”, or go ahead and "RSVP" an existing event (see image below).??    
  3. Spread the word: Use the Meetup webpage, Twitter, Facebook, email and the iversity discussion forums to spread the word and invite iversitarians to your group and/or event!



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