I’m Anna-Lena and I am passionate about reforming education


by Anna-Lena Schindl

Servus everyone!

It’s not sunny California, but the lovely city of Munich in Bavaria where I hail from. I had resigned to staying there all summer, dreading day-to-day life before serendipity brought me to Berlin. All plans for this summer seemed to have stalled until I stumbled across Hannes’ e-mail address. Somehow, I thought that sending an e-mail to a guy I had never met, asking for a job at a place I didn’t know existed was a good plan! My intuition didn’t let me down: two phone calls and a week later I had my suitcases packed and was off to Berlin.

When I arrived on my first day the entire iversity team consisted of just a few people – but take a look at the office now: seven weeks later about 20 people have joined the iversity community! Chairs are scarce at team meetings nowadays. The office is like a bee hive though, buzzing with action and excitement, all working towards the same goal – the spirit is really amazing and I’m glad to be here in the middle of Berlin’s start-up scene.

You could ask what I am doing here as a physicist – certainly there is no lab work, no knowledge of Maxwell’s equations required and no quantum mechanical problems to solve. An open-mind and a passion for the subject of education or digital technology is basically all you need to join and enjoy, and that’s also what brought me here. I care deeply about higher education reform – and believe me, it’s happening right here!

Just one week left for me in this diverse team before I finish my term as iversity’s first intern and head back to Bremen to finish my Bachelors at Jacobs University. Another bustling community awaits me there, but I hope to keep in touch with Berlin in the midst of campus politics, event planning, rowing and starting off my own little educational revolution with a couple of friends. Oh, and studying of course! I am sure I’ll be back for the occasional visit – hopefully for some more Friday night teambuilding events!

So long, Anna-Lena!

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