Hoppy New Year!


The iversity team says goodbye to a very successful 2011!

We have founded an enterprise (which is not an easy thing to do in Germany), moved to Hoppegarten (hence the Hoppy), revamped the platform and we have given it a whole new design and added a few great new features.

We have also made some awesome new friends and we were on tour, promoting our idea of a digital revolution in higher education around the world.

What’s even more important is that you, our users, used iversity and helped us spread the word about it. You sent us feedback for which we are very grateful. And we sure hope we react to it as you expected! :)

To all the applicants for the ambassador program – we will contact you during the next two weeks. Thank you so much for the great work you have been doing so far in promoting us globally!

In between 2011 and 2012, we took some days off that we spent with our families and friends. We hope that you also had a relaxing break and that you will have a happy new year!

What’s the plan for 2012?

First of all, we want to further develop the platform, integrate more features and improve the existing ones – so if you have suggestions, just write us an e-mail [mailto: feedback@iversity.org].

The next wave of new features will be out in March/April 2012. Until then, we are working hard on making our Reader (print-on-demand) feature available to all our users in the UK, Australia and the US. For news and trivia, check our Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Bis Gleich!

The iversity team!

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