Have you tested our Academies Pilot yet?

Are you a team leader and on the lookout for quality courses for your employees? Look no further! iversity.org offers excellent self-paced, online courses on topics which are important to every professional today.

Via our Whitelabel Academies you can easily enroll your team onto courses specifically curated for them and even create content for them which is can be accessed only within a closed group.

Our academies are easy to set up where you can easily provide course access to your department and also monitor parameters that actually matter like completion rate and feedback!  

Academy Pilot

If you would like to test an Academy for a small group of 5-10 employees, iversity.org will set up a pilot Academy for you for a short period for a nominal starting fee.

Features of an Academy
Here you can:

  • Invite staff from your company to join the academy
  • Enroll individual members of a group of members to a certain courses
  • Maintain a record of course progress and completion for reporting purposes
  • Create your own courses using your own Subject Matter Experts
  • Choose from our ready to use catalogue of professional courses free of charge

Get in touch with us on iversity-b2b@springernature.com if you are interested in testing a pilot with us.

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