Have you already Sqored today? Take part in student competitions!

We’re excited to announce a great new opportunity for our users: iversity just started collaborating with Sqore. If you like student competitions and iversity, you’re going to love what we came up with.

What’s Sqore all about?

Sqore is a platform that offers a number of challenging and fun student competitions. You can compete for anything from jobs and scholarships to certificates and vouchers. Find opportunities that best fit your skills and interests and compete with other bright minds in your field.

Take a quiz, win a fee waiver!

With iversity you can currently “Sqore” on our courses “The European Union in Global Governance” and “Store Design, Visual Merchandising and Shopper Marketing“. Would you like to win a fee waiver on the courses’ Certificate Tracks? Then test your knowledge about the European Union and Store Design in these fun quizzes and show that you are an expert. The winners will be chosen from the highest scoring entries and will be notified via email. Enter the competitions now!