Who are the Greatest Educators in History?

After launching our series “Great Educators in History” with a blog post about Socrates, we received some great feedback from you and we would like to keep it going. We believe that a lot of great thinkers throughout world history have used their sweat, tears and brainpower in order to improve teaching methods, challenge old notions and inspire students. Therefore, we think it is important to take a moment to look back, acknowledge their contributions and see how they have impacted the world today.

Statue of Sir Isaac Newton (Image: bigstockphoto.com, text added by iversity)

A call for your ideas

So take this as an invitation! Is there a great educator or learning theorist you would like to learn more about? Just let us know and we'll see if we can create an insightful blog post about him or her. Are you a skilled writer and would like to present exemplary teachers you know about? Go ahead and leave us a blog comment, tell us a bit more and we’ll get back to you. We welcome your contributions and ideas.

Now, let's be frank: we are based in Europe and know a lot about European teachers – but we also want contributions about pedagogues who have existed in other parts of the world and from other cultural backgrounds. Tell us about the greatest of thinkers, both female and male, from Africa, Asia, the Arab world and the Maori culture! Moreover, we welcome less known, even unknown stories about teachers or learning theorists who have made a real impact. 

We're looking forward to your suggestions! Just let us know in the comments section below.


Your iversity blog team

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