“The Future Of Storytelling” Starts Today With Over 50,000 Student

iversity’s course “The Future of Storytelling” begins on 25 October 2013. Having attracted the most students out of all our MOOCs, it is clearly our top-runner: More than 50,000 of you have enrolled it this course offered by the University of Applied Science Potsdam. This is spectacular and more than anyone expected. We’re very impressed, StoryMOOCers – you created something really big! Thank you so much. 

Here’s some exclusive information about the course:

What’s the #StoryMOOC all about?

Letterpress printing was invented in the 15th century by Johannes Gutenberg. It took a couple hundred years until literacy was so widespread that enough people were capable of reading books. Stories, however, (disregarding a couple of exceptions) continued to have more or less the same narrative structure as back then. They are made to suit the format (or confinements) of the printed book: You open it at the beginning and browse through it page by page until the end of the story. 

Today we see the rise of internet literacy. What happens when the media undergoes changes as dramatic as the “digital turn” over the past – let’s say – 20 years? “The Future of Storytelling” is dedicated to exactly that question and the producers are looking forward to passionately discuss with you about it. The course starts with a chapter about “Classic Storytelling” in movies, TV and web series, letting you in on the basic mechanics of narratives. From this starting point, the course takes off to include new formats such as storytelling in role-playing games, alternate and augmented reality, location-based and transmedia formats. Even professional writers should be able to learn something new here!

Who are the lecturers? Meet the team!

Winfried Gerling is a professor for concepts and aesthetics of new media and Dean of the Design Faculty at the University of Applied Science in Potsdam, Constanze Langer is a professor of visual interface design. Christina Maria Schollerer is a research associate and lecturer at the Faculty of Design and also a freelance writer and producer. She is the lecturer and host of “The Future of Storytelling”. Julian van Dieken carries out a multitude of tasks in respect to course production: He’s the director, cameraman, editor, sound designer, animation designer and a lot more. The team is supported by Bernadette Klausberger, who is in charge of project management. Jannes Schwentuchowski is the course’s production assistant and Alexandra Schulz manages the user community.

Team Photo Storytelling MOOC

Who else is teaching?

Apart from the core team, some prominent contributors will join the lecture. The #StoryMOOC, as it is referred to on Twitter, sees guest appearances of twelve famous storytellers:

  • Cornelia Funke – Author of the Mirrorworld and Inkheart series 
  • Rebecca Ahlen – Head of Digital, Ufa Serial Drama 
  • Prof. Dr. Jan Distelmeyer – History and Theory of technical media, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam 
  • Des Doyle – Director of the upcoming documentary "Showrunners" 
  • Maria Grau Stenzel – Project Manager at Honig Studios, Co-Creator of "Milli – a little, big journey around the world" 
  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Christoph Hobohm – Library Information Science, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam 
  • Mark Butler –  Ludification, Digital Culture and Media, Academic Researcher University Potsdam, Author of "Would you like to play a game?"
  • Michael Liebe –  Project Lead at DGT 13 Deutsche Gamestage and Deutscher Computerspielpreis for G.A.M.E., Freelance Lecturer & Advisor
  • Patrick Möller – Freelance Transmedia Storyteller, Social Media Experience Designer
  • Robert Pratten – Transmedia Storyteller, Founder of www.tstoryteller.com/ 
  • Michael Straeubig – Lecturer, Game Designer, Creator of "Secret City" 
  • Mark Wachholz – Author & Screenwriter, Co-Author of "The Dark Eye" RPG universe

With such a vast contingent of top-notch storytellers dedicating their time and attention to this MOOC on iversity.org, we expect great new stories to come up! We can’t wait to see the first results and will keep all those who are not enrolled yet up to date in this blog. All further information on “The Future of Storytelling” can be found here.

Take the chance and participate in the StoryMOOC from the very start. Enrol now! 

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