5 Steps To Getting Your Questions Answered ASAP

Your questions help us understand how we can make things clearer for you on iversity. We can see the things we can improve and discover certain issues that have arisen for many of you. For example, here are some recurring questions: When does my course start? How can I access the courses I have enrolled to? Can I receive a certificate for attending a MOOC? How much does all this cost?


In this article, we’d like to give you a little guidance on how to get quick answers for your questions about iversity’s MOOCs, the course contents and iversity itself. So let’s try to sort things out. Our suggestion: Follow the five steps listed below to find the information you’re looking for:

Step 1: Course Description

Do you have a question about a specific course that you’re enrolled in or considering enrolling in? In that case, please check the course description. You’ve probably seen our course catalog. Once you click on a course that you’re interested in, you will find tons of information about what to expect in this course content-wise, when it starts, what you have to do to get a certificate and much more.

Step 2: Professors’ Announcements

If you are already enrolled in a course, your professor will keep you up-to-date about all recent events. So have you checked your inbox? Maybe you’ve missed out on an announcement that your professor has already made, which perfectly answers the question you have. Better check twice or wait for the professor to make his announcements.

Step 3: Discussion Boards

Do you have a more specific question relating to the content of your course once the course has started? In that case, we suggest that you use the course’s discussion board which is available for contributions as soon as the course has started. Your fellow students are making the same MOOC experience as you, so it is highly probable that your question has popped up before. If you scroll through the queries discussed there, you’ll probably find the right answer.

Step 4: The Support Pages

Your question may as well address general issues regarding iversity, i.e.: the platform, starting dates, technical features or our company. In that case, please have a look at our Support page

We would like to kindly ask you to check both the FAQ-page and the support discussions forum. Chances are high that someone stumbled upon the same question and it might already be answered.

Step 5: The Feedback & Support Banner

Your question wasn’t answered in any of the sites listed above? Well, then it must be a really tricky issue that we’ve obviously failed address so far. Shame on us and sorry about that! Just refer to the banner on the right side of the FAQ page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible and also update our FAQ page.

Talking of questions: Some of them are pretty much beyond our reach: “How do I setup my wifi router?” would be one of them. In such cases we recommend: Better ask a good friend of yours over to your house and offer him or her a coffee. On that occasion: Don’t forget to tell them about iversity and our great online courses! Just press the button below.

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