First iversity Students To Earn Real University Credits!

For some of iversity’s students, this is a big day! 37 of them will participate in the on-site exams in five different places all over Germany. It is also a big day for iversity – “Fundamentals of Marketing” (held in German: “Grundlagen des Marketing”), is the first online course to hold an exam in which students can earn five ECTS credits.

About the exam

Oliver Opresnik and his team from the University of Applied Science in Lübeck, Germany have taught their online students the basics of marketing over the past three months: market segmentation, strategies of distribution, pricing and communication and a lot more. Now it’s up to the students to prove what they really learned.

Here’s what’s so new about the on-site exam: First, the students who pass it will receive credit points recognised by the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). These will count towards their real-life, offline studies. ECTS credits are a cornerstone of a successful integration of online learning into traditional university teaching in the future – and iversity is the only provider of online education that has managed this integration so far. We are in the middle of an experiment, so to say, and the prospects are very promising. Our vision is to make ECTS credits available in a growing number of our MOOCs.

We’re sending our very best wishes to the students who will participate in the exam today! Don’t forget: They are pioneers of a movement that is bound to make a real impact on academia in the near future. So stay tuned! We will provide more information about the exams soon.

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