Education in the 21st century: Upping the numbers with the right tools?

by Fernando Pernica

When you first come across an infographic such as this the numbers that immediately catch your eyes are those about the overall value of the Education industry in the United States ($7 trillion) and the comparisons with other renownedly valuable markets. 

However, the stats that really should capture our imagination are those halfway down. According to the data presented here, 93% of teachers believe that online tools improve student performance and 95% of teachers also believe that online tools are helpful in engaging students. Not bad!

With so much confidence on the teachers side it’s not hard to believe that by 2020 blended learning, which is a combination of classroom and online tools, will be used by 98% of the American students, as the data in the infographic predicts.

As Nicholas Jackson from The Atlantic rightly put: “The internet is here to stay and it will affect how we learn.” However, technology only truly favours education when the right tools for collaboration, sharing and networking are in place. With new technologies developing at such fast pace, only those online platforms that are constantly innovating and keeping in touch with the real needs of students and professors will succeed in transforming the internet into the most powerful tool for learning and research humankind has experienced. This is what we are aspire to do here at iversity.

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