“Education in Europe” – Special Edition in European Newspapers

by Mirus Fitzner

As you have probably noticed, at iversity we try to follow the international media in terms of education technology, education debates in general, and some more or less fun and interesting science facts and post them on our blog or Facebook page.

Given iversity’s international character, we are always interested in seeing, reading, or hearing what people around the world think about education, the university system, and scientific research in Europe and elsewhere.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung in Germany, in cooperation with other newspapers from Poland, France, Spain, the UK, and Italy, has published a special issue about education in Europe.

I thought some of our readers may be interested in it too, so I’ve gathered some links for you.

Firstly, in the Guardian you will find an interactive graphic with the most basic numbers on education on those countries.

These newspapers have also published an article by Burkhard Müller which tells us about how the university came to life in Europe. You find these articles in GermanSpanish and Italian.

There is a survey about the European educational system in general. This you can find in Spanish (and in more colourful examples) and in English.

And for the Germanophiles out there, we found an explanation of the German Fachhochschule system (universities of applied sciences), in English.

And to end this post with a more poetic fin, I am including a letter from French writer Camille de Toledo to us, the young generation in Europe: in French and Spanish.

Au revoir!

(Image license: CC: http://fotos.piqs.de/a/1/4/6/5/30e570f42c6582e4367a06b02ada0882.jpg)

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