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18. September 2013 by iversity

Good news for all MOOC students on iversity: From now on, participants can obtain ECTS credits in two of our courses – and more will follow. If you’re enrolled and pass the exam at the end of the course, the professors will issue a certificate that your home university will recognize – all over Europe!

Welcome to our first two ECTS-certified MOOCs: In mid-October 2013, Prof. Marc Opresnik, from Lübeck University of Applied Sciences (FH Lübeck), will launch his course “Fundamentals of Marketing”. Prof. Oliver Vornberger, an e-learning and computer science expert at the University of Osnabrück, will be giving a lecture on “Algorithms and Data Structures” in the summer term 2014.


For those who aren’t familiar with ECTS credit points: They were created as a part of the Bologna Process to make study achievements in Europe comparable. Other countries outside of Europe are increasingly adopting this system. iversity, in cooperation with its partner universities, is the first platform worldwide to offer ECTS credit points for university-level online courses.

The integration of online courses into traditional university teaching is gaining momentum, but that’s just the start. Prof. Oliver Vornberger comments: “What we are seeing now is only the beginning of a revolution that offers previously unimagined possibilities to improve university education online.”

Be a part of the MOOC revolution and enrol in our courses now!

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7 thoughts on “ECTS credits for MOOCs on iversity

  1. Iain

    That’s a really interesting development. Presumably then the students are formally enrolled at the particular university and that institution verifies their authenticity and the MOOC courses are then offered under the same quality framework and conditions as the normal university courses? Is the examination carried out locally (or online) and are the numbers expected to be small on such programmes or does the model scale whilst still meeting the legal requirements for the award of recognised ECTS?

  2. iversity

    Hello Iain, thanks! The courses are offered by university professors, ensuring the same quality framework and conditions as their “normal” courses at their university, that’s right. But the students of the online course don’t need to be formally enrolled at the university that offers the course. They can be enrolled at another university (and then ask their home university for authentication of the credits – which the university is supposed to do without further complications due to the Lisbon convention), or not (yet) at any university at all. The exam as of now will be locally at the respective university, but we plan to scale.

  3. Robert Schuwer

    An interesting development in the MOOC-world! Are there any costs for obtaining an ECTS certificate when you are not a student from any university?

  4. iversity

    Hey Robert! We are very excited about this development and eager to push it even further with more courses that offer ECTS credits. The course is totally free of charge. However, if you choose to take the proctored exam, it will be subject to a processing fee in order to cover the costs of the examination.

  5. Sudhakar

    Hey Team, It was really good opportunity. I am eager to learn German language course. Could you please inform me or Let me know when German language course started ?

  6. GS Reddy

    I am a post graduate (M.Sc. Agriculture in Plant Breeding and Genetics) in Agriculture from India. Can I do any course on offer from iversity and then apply for regular university courses in europe? Will any european university offers admission based on iversity courses?

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