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Viele kennen Networking nur als wiederholte oberflächliche Gespräche und das Ansammeln möglichst vieler Kontakte. Dabei kann Networking nicht nur richtig Spaß machen, sondern auch zu nachhaltigen beruflichen Beziehungen und Freundschaften führen. In unserem neuen PRO-Kurs “Die neue Kunst des Networking” lehrt Alexander Wolf den eleganten Weg, unsere persönlichen Beziehungsnetze auszubauen und besser zu nutzen. Wir haben mit dem Networking-Profi gesprochen, um ihm bereits vor dem Kursstart am 18. Januar 2016 ein paar Details zu entlocken und mehr über den Kursleiter zu erfahren.

20160107-wolf-portrait-networkingWas begeistert Sie am Networking?

Mich begeistert an der Disziplin Networking, dass sie jedes Lebensgebiet berührt. Wer sich gut vernetzt, profitiert nicht nur beruflich davon. Das Wissen aus diesem Kurs kann man direkt in vielen Lebenslagen anwenden. Das macht es ja so spannend.

Was ist das Besondere an Ihrem Kurs?

Dass die Teilnehmer gezwungen werden, ihre gesamte Einstellung zu ihrem sozialen Umfeld zu überdenken. So entspannt, unterhaltsam und locker der Kurs auch ist. Er ist am Ende sehr radikal.

Erzählen Sie uns etwas über sich, das die Kursteilnehmer nicht erwarten würden.

Ich komme eigentlich aus der Berliner Subkultur. Ich habe mit Freunden vor 20 Jahren Underground-Parties gemacht und das DJ-Radio KISS FM aufgebaut. Auch die Berliner Club-Commission habe ich gegründet. Dann habe ich das Botschaftsnetzwerk Berlins geleitet. Ein ziemlich extremer Sprung – von den Clubs in die Residenzen.

Was hilft Teilnehmern, den Kurs erfolgreich abzuschließen?

Ganz einfach: Offenheit, Neugierde und Lust auf Menschen.

Können die Teilnehmer schon etwas tun, um sich auf den Kurs vorzubereiten?

Einfach mal beim Nachbarn klingeln und ihn kennen lernen.

Willst du mehr über Networking erfahren? Dann schreibe dich ein in unseren PRO-Kurs “Die neue Kunst des Networking“. Lerne von der Networking-Koryphäe Alexander Wolf nachhaltige Beziehungsstrategien und vernetze dich bereits während des Kurses mit wertvollen Kontakten aus der Kurs-Community.

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bigstock-Meteor-Crater-Arizona-86006993 SAM EDIT 2On the 14 December, our super awesome Geology and Mineralogy course –  “Myths and Facts About Rocks’ starts. Here in the iversity office, the excitement has been building as we discover just how interesting this area of study is. From the largest meteor impact in recorded history to the part rocks played in the world’s most peaceful revolution, let’s drill down deeper into the core of this subject.


The study of rocks (Geology, if you want to be scientific about it) might not seem like the kind of topic to inspire passion and interest amongst many people. After all, rocks are just grey stones, kicked about under our feet, aren’t they?

However, that’s simply not the case, whether you’re wandering around the concrete streets of Berlin, or hiking through the Himalayas, the rocks and minerals that make up the Earth have some absolutely fascinating stories to tell. Many of which wouldn’t be told if it wasn’t for the study of Geology (Rocks and stuff, if we’re going to be unscientific about it). With this in mind, we went out in search of three mysteries that have been unravelled thanks to an understanding of geology.

Story 1: The Tunguska event

It’s the 30th of June, 1908 and the eerie silence permeating a huge uninhabited stretch of Siberia is shattered by a huge explosion. So huge in fact that it flattens 2,000 sq. km of forest, knocking over an estimated 80 million trees and creates a shockwave that registers in Great Britain. Luckily (and pretty amazingly), no one is killed as the area is so sparsely populated.


The unnerving sight of hundreds of trees, flattened by the huge blast.

So, what could have happened here to cause such a huge amount of energy to be released?! The theory was put forward that this must have been a meteorite or comet impact, however first expeditions to the site found no clear crater. Without any of this evidence, it was down to the geologists and mineralogists to get to the bottom of the mystery. Using their knowledge of the types of rocks and chemicals that you would expect to find had a meteorite or comet hit the Earth, they set about trying to solve the mystery.

It wasn’t until the 1950s and 60s that the geologists and mineralogists could use chemical analysis to prove the meteorite theory. On investigation, they found deposits of microscopic silicate and magnetite in the soil, consistent with a meteorite event. As technology advanced, the investigations were able to further prove this theory by testing the trees and surrounding marshes for evidence. Finally in 2010, fragments of a ‘celestial body’ were found in the area, further proving the theory that a meteorite had fallen to earth in this spot. A truly amazing event that would have remained a mystery had it not been for geologists and scientists!

Story 2: Fake pieces of the Berlin Wall


It’s 1989 in Berlin, Germany and you are walking along a section of the newly fallen (politically at least) wall. All around you the sound of people chipping away at different sections of the wall rings out. People want the wall gone, but they also realise the historical significance of these small pieces of concrete. People from all walks of life come to the wall to chip off these pieces, even earning themselves the nickname ‘wall peckers’.

Berlin-Wall piece

Historical artefact or spray painted pebble?

Fast forward another 20 years, and you’re a tourist looking to take home your own piece of history from this tumultuous and exciting time. The souvenir shops are stocked with small grey chunks of rock but the city is rife with stories of fakes. Around Berlin there an open secret that a man named Volker Pawlowski (who bought over 30 sections of the wall after its collapse) spraypaints grey undesirable pieces himself to sell on at an increased profit.

So, how can you ever be sure that you’re holding a piece of history in your hand? With a bit of Geochemistry, of course! Tests have shown that the authentic wall fragments have a unique chemical makeup as they were all quarried from the same location in Rüdersdorf. This testing can prove with near certainty whether the small piece of rock in your hand has been sold by a street vendor looking to make a dishonest profit, or whether it played a key part in segregating an entire city for 28 years before being knocked down in a peaceful revolution.

Story 3: 6000 Year Old Jade Hand Axe

jade hand axe

The actual axe. Carefully crafted over 6000 years ago.

Jade is a mineral that has been held in high regard for thousands of years. In ancient China it was valued even more highly than gold. So when archaeologists found this amazing example of craftsmanship in Canterbury, England, they were at a loss to explain how it had ended up there. A place where no Jade existed, and at what was at that time, the edge of the world. 6000 years ago there weren’t the established trade routes needed to bring such an object halfway across the world. So where did this beautiful object come from?

Beijing Medal

Jade is prized so highly in China that medals awarded in the 2008 Summer Olympic games contained a ring of the precious mineral.

It took two dedicated archeologists Pierre and Anne-Marie Pétrequin 12 years of searching to unravel the origins of this particular stone axe. High up in the Italian Alps, they found what they were looking for. Huge blocks of Jadeite sitting isolated in the landscape, with ancient marks from where they had been quarried, still present. But how were the pair to prove once and for all that this smooth green axe had come from this place? Employing a geochemistry technique originally pioneered by astronomers it was possible to match the geological signature of the axe confidently to the Italian Alps. Amazingly, it was possible to go one further and match the axe not  just with the mountain, but with the exact boulder the axe had been taken from. An amazing discovery that allowed the archaeologists to be able to tell this period of history in an even more accurate and fascinating way.

If you have been inspired and intrigued by these stories of Geological discovery, then you should definitely come and check out our new course in association with Tomsk University “Myths and Facts About Rocks”. If you enrol soon, you can even take advantage of our 20% Early Bird discount on the certificate track. See you on the 14th of December.


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Jesus, our Scholartrip Winner!

Last year, iversity ran a Scholartrip competition to spread the word to the world about online learning. The Grand Prize was an all-expenses paid adventure for one lucky winner to anywhere in the world they wanted, with the added bonus of a brand new MacBook to truly be able to study anywhere.

We announced our winner a while back, but now the time has come for Jesus to embark on his scholartrip, learning and adventuring his way around the world! We caught up with him on the island of Crete to see how he was doing.

Hi Jesus, congratulations on winning the Scholartrip competition! How did you feel when you found out that you would be going on such an amazing trip?

It’s hard to describe the feeling! I really didn’t believe that I had won the scholartrip until my brand new MacBook arrived at my door. I still remember that I couldn’t sleep that night (literally, I DID NOT sleep that night!)

Could you tell us where you are traveling to on your Scholartrip?

So far, I have visited New York, Athens and Crete. My next stop is Santorini. I decided to go New York because it is my mother’s favourite city. So, I invited her for this part of the trip. I am now continuing alone meeting some friends almost in every destination.

Athen with ZoiI am actually writing this from the island of Crete! This place has all of my favourite things: mountains, ocean, sun, international environment and lot of beautiful and peaceful places.

What do you hope to learn whilst travelling, could you tell us about the MOOC you have decided to take?

I am taking the “Digital and Social Media Marketing” course. I love marketing and I am currently working in Digital Marketing for the Tourism industry, so this is a great course to further my career.


Me in Times Square, New York. A great place for some Marketing inspiration.

Right now, I am working in an international online company. I am the search engine-marketing specialist of the company. Thus, it is important for me to continue to specialise in the emerging area of marketing (digital marketing).

What has been the most memorable/amazing experience of your trip?

So far, the most memorable experience has been just being able to be alone. It’s the first time in my life where I go to a place where nobody is waiting for me, just the person who gives me the key for the apartment.

I have had the opportunity to do things I don’t normally do – such as watch the sunset, walk along the beach and talk to people who perhaps I will never see again. I will never forget this experience and how good it made me feel.

Do you have any tips for the other iversity students, how to stay motivated and keep learning?

The best advice I can give online learners is to find courses that are truly helpful for you, in terms of professional career or personal life. Another great motivator is to actually pay for the course! This way you will think twice or three times before you decide not to finish your studies.

What is your opinion about online learning and how do you see its future?

I love online learning. Online courses have helped me in several ways. I needed to upgrade my knowledge about statistics to be able to finish my master thesis, so I simply took a course and learned what I needed.
A great example of online learning that comes to mind is a friend who took an online course to learn how to cook in a healthy way for her children. With the above, you can realise that this kind of learning can have a positive impact in so many ways.

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Top 6 Marketing SkillsHave you heard about our Digital Marketing Toolkit? If you are considering a career in this field, then this is a great opportunity to learn essential marketing skills in an accessible, flexible and affordable way. Now you can certify in two great Marketing courses for 20% off: “Digital and Social Media Marketing” and “Building Strong Digital Brands”. Not convinced yet? Then check out the 6 key skills below that you can take away from our Digital Marketing Toolkit.

Knowing your audience

Digital Marketing Key SkillsThe more you know about your audience, the easier it is not only to find the people you’re looking for, but also deliver the right content they’re waiting for. Who could be interested in the product or service you offer? What do they need to know about your offering? How can you keep them engaged in your product? Learn how to find the audience that fits your company’s message and integrate your findings into your marketing strategy.

Choosing the best marketing channels

Digital Marketing Key SkillsIt is one thing to know your audience, now you just have to know where to find them. Are they crawling through their Facebook feeds or are they snapping away in Snapchat? Find out how to anticipate social behaviours and learn to choose the right channels for reaching your audience. You will both maximise your audience reach, as well as improve your audience’s engagement rate. Not to mention, optimising your targeting efforts will always save you money in the long run.

Creating engaging and viral content

Digital Marketing Key SkillsOnce you know your audience and the right channels to reach them through, you can start to think about the kind of content that would appeal to them. How do you create great content that stands out? What makes content go viral? Learn what content engages your audience the most and what content best represents your company’s brand.

Developing successful digital brand storytelling

Digital Marketing Key SkillsCreating engaging content is a great start, but individual pieces of content don’t automatically make a good story. Telling a good story is crucial because it is something that people can relate to, will remember and share with their friends. Storytelling works best if you can think of an overarching story that connects all your marketing efforts. Learn to build a successful branding campaign by connecting content through digital brand storytelling.

Generating strong emotions around a brand

Digital Marketing Key SkillsOnce you have set up all of the conditions for a great digital marketing campaign, you can really go into detail. People feel most connected with brands that evoke an emotional reaction. Is there a way your brand can touch your audience on an emotional level? Find the best way to generate strong emotions around your brand and learn to build emotional connections with your audience. Then you can build strong relationships with them that last.

Analysing relevant data

Digital Marketing Key SkillsConsidering all the individual steps that converge in your marketing campaign, it’s important to keep track of everything. When will you send which piece of content and how will you measure its impact? Learn how to plan, execute, evaluate and analyse a digital marketing campaign and get to know core tools that will help you measure and optimise your strategy.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 12.28.01

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Digital Marketing Toolkit -

Are you interested in the field of Digital Marketing? Then you’re in luck! iversity has announced two courses offered by digital marketing professionals who will share their expertise and guide you in our Digital Marketing Toolkit. Acquire vital marketing skills, jump-start your career with our unique course bundle and get certified for 20% off!

Develop Fundamental Skills With “Digital And Social Media Marketing”

Start your learning in September by building a foundation in “Digital and Social Media Marketing”. Offered by a consortium led by Salford Business School, this course will teach you essential online marketing skills. Discover how to identify your target audience, choose the best marketing channels and create engaging, viral content. After the course, you will be able to develop a strategy that is smart, cost-effective and generates great results.

Advance Your Skills With “Building Strong Digital Brands”

In October, you will dive into the world of Digital Branding with our course “Building Strong Digital Brands”. Offered by the Berlin University of the Arts (Universität der Künste, Berlin), this course will teach you how people’s perception of your brand affects how they behave, and how you can adapt the personality of your brand to match your target audience. Once you complete the course, you will be able to weave an exciting story around your brand that builds strong emotional connections with your audience.

Benefit From Our Unique Digital Marketing Toolkit

If you are interested in a career in the field of Marketing, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the Digital Marketing, Branding and Social Media landscape. Each of these key subject areas greatly impact each other, and our Digital Marketing Toolkit is the perfect way to understand today’s complex digital marketing world in a flexible, affordable and engaging way. Show your potential or existing employers that you are driven to learn and stay ahead of the industry curve. So don’t miss this opportunity to jump-start your digital marketing career and get certified at a great price!

Take Advantage Of Our Bundle Benefits

Both “Digital and Social Media Marketing” and “Building Strong Digital Brands” are free courses and offer a Certificate Track option at the price of 49€ each. You can, however, take advantage of our special offer: Enrol via our Digital Marketing Toolkit offering and receive a 20% discount on both courses! Seize this opportunity to be part of a unique learning experience by taking these courses that perfectly complement each other. You will learn from experts in both fields and receive two valuable certificates on top. Start building your skills with the Digital Marketing Toolkit today and take your first step towards a creative and rewarding career.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 12.28.01

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