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Do you enjoy learning at iversity? Then recommend us to your friends and get rewarded for it! With our Spring Rewards Programme (15 March – 15 April) for each purchase your referred friends make, we’ll give 10% of the purchase value back to you. Are you taking a course you really like? Are there courses you would like to recommend to your friends? Not only is learning more motivating and fun with friends, you can enjoy a little something extra this Spring.

How can I participate in the Spring Rewards Programme?

Invite your friends to a course by sharing your personal referral link. Just go to your My Referrals page, found in the drop down menu in the top right corner, under your login name. Here you can find all the information about the Spring Rewards Programme, an overview of all courses you can refer and your corresponding personal referral links. Which courses would you like to recommend to your friends? To invite your friends, send them your unique referral links next to the courses or share them by using the social media buttons. Remember: Only when your friends enrol via these links, can we attribute them to your iversity account. If you would like to know more about referrals, please visit the FAQs at the bottom of your My Referrals page.  Continue reading Spring Rewards Programme: Invite Friends, Earn Rewards

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Belegst du einen Kurs, der dir gut gefällt? Gibt es Kurse, die du deinen Freunden empfehlen möchtest? Dann mach mit bei unserer Frühlingsaktion! Ab sofort wirst du doppelt belohnt, wenn du deine Freunde zu iversity einlädst. Gemeinsames Lernen motiviert und macht gleichzeitig richtig Spaß. Und vom 15. März bis 15. April 2016 gibt’s für jeden daraus resultierenden Kurseinkauf eine satte Belohnung für dich. 

My Referrals -

Wie nehme ich an der Frühlingsaktion teil?

Lade deine Freunde ein und versende dazu deine persönlichen Referral-Links. Diese findest du auf deiner Referrals-Seite, die du rechts oben im Drop-Down-Menü unter deinem Namen auf “Referrals” besuchen kannst. Hier siehst du nochmal alle Infos zur Frühlingsaktion im Überblick und eine Übersicht über alle Kurse, die du empfehlen kannst. Welche Kurse möchtest du deinen Freunden empfehlen? Nutze die neben dem Kurs angegebenen Links oder Social-Media-Buttons, um deinen Freunden deine persönlichen Links zu schicken. Denk dran: Nur wenn sich deine Freunde über diese anmelden, können wir sie deinem iversity-Konto zuordnen. Wenn du mehr über Referrals erfahren willst, schau einfach in den FAQs unten auf deiner Referrals-Seite nach.

Wie erhalte ich meine Belohnung?

Schreiben sich deine Freunde über deinen Referral-Link ein und erwerben kostenpflichtige Kurse oder kursinterne Produkte, erhältst du 10% des Preises deinem iversity-Konto gutgeschrieben. Dies können z.B. PRO-Kurse, Zertifikate oder Teilnahmebescheinigungen sein. Zum Beispiel: Schreibt sich dein Freund über deinen Referral-Link in einen 49€-Zertifikats-Track ein, erhältst du 4,90€ als Belohnung deinem Konto gutgeschrieben. Unsere Frühlingsaktion läuft vom 15. März bis 15. April 2016. In diesem Zeitraum sammelst du dein Guthaben. Nach Aktionsende wird dir das Guthaben in Form eines Amazon-Gutscheins ausgezahlt, den wir dir zusenden.

Also los geht’s! Je mehr Freunde du einlädst, desto höher kann deine Belohnung ausfallen.


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Visual Thinking -

Can you draw? Not really? Many of our course participants from “Visual Thinking for Business” weren’t very confident about their abilities either. As they soon discovered, however, drawing is not a talent, it’s a skill. And skills can be learned! As the course has been running for almost half a year now, we would like to share a few snippets that we were especially excited to see. Find out what Visual Thinking is all about and how course participants improved their skills.

What Is Visual Thinking?

With Visual Thinking you can bring your ideas to life in a visually enticing way. You can create sketchnotes during meetings, catch your audience’s attention with visual storytelling and enrich your presentations with your own visuals. Of course, not everyone is a natural. However, Visual Thinking can be learned. It all begins with your first drawing.

Getting Started With Visual Thinking

Our course “Visual Thinking for Business” has a hands-on approach to learning. Prof. Dr. Christoph Hienerth, the course’s instructor, provides course participants with necessary background information on the topic. But you also get to dive into practising your skills right from the start.

Drawing exercises by course participants for "Visual Thinking for Business"

Drawing exercises by course participants for “Visual Thinking for Business”

In October 2015, our course went live and we were very excited to see the first drawings by course participants. Whether Prof. Hienerth asked learners to draw bottles or practice their skills with Squiggly Birds – everyone showed great enthusiasm and we continue to be astonished by their creativity today.

Want to find out what the bottle exercise is all about? Watch this video and test your drawing skills!

Mastering Visual Thinking

As an online learning provider, it’s always rewarding for us to see that our users have a real learning curve. Not only did they enjoy the exercises, as we could see by the abundance of drawings they uploaded to their journals. But some also told us, they really established drawing as a habit and realised they had already made a big jump in their skill level after only a few weeks.

Ingrid Testimonial Visual Thinking

Many learners were so inspired that they didn’t stop at creating one drawing per exercise. They began to draw in their free time and at work. They kept practising what they had learned in the course because they were enjoying it and were making progress. Here is just a one example of what they came up with.

Sketchnote - Visual Storytelling

This course participant used Visual Thinking to tell a story

Applying Visual Thinking In Business

Did all that drawing lead somewhere? Definitely. Our learners found that the drawing exercises were not only fun, but also immediately applicable at their jobs. Being able to create more engaging presentations, sketching notes instead of writing and brainstorming with visuals are only a few examples of how they can now apply their Visual Thinking skills. Our corporate clients were impressed by how much their employees evolved over only a few weeks.

Jakob Hasselgruber Testimonial

Now, we’re already looking forward to the next six months. We’re very curious to see what great visuals new learners will create. And we’d like to thank Prof. Hienerth and all course participants for their enthusiastic effort to make this a memorable learning experience.

If you’re curious to learn more about about “Visual Thinking for Business”, enrol in the course now or take a look at the course preview. Please note that this PRO course is also part of our Business Communication Programme. If you want to receive a broader and more in-depth education in business communication, be sure to check it out. And of course, you can always upgrade later.

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Leap Day Superhero

Next Monday, take advantage of an occurrence that happens only once in four years: Leap Day! On 29 February we all get an extra day in the year. So how are you going to spend it? Are you going to laze around or are you going to make the best of it? If you’re still undecided, here’s a few tips on how to spend the 2016 Leap Day.

Spend The Day Binge-Learning

Is there a new course that you’ve wanted to take for a while? Procrastinate no longer! Use Leap Day to really dive into a new topic and don’t stop until you’ve made real progress. Let others get lost binge-watching the latest TV show. You’ll be busy binge-learning new skills. There’s no doubt who will feel more accomplished at the end of the day.

Develop New Learning Goals

Not sure yet what to learn next? Leap Day is the perfect opportunity to develop new learning goals. Take this extra day to really think about which skills you need to get ahead, will be fun to learn and will impress your boss. Don’t stop there. Create your personal learning schedule for the next few months, even years, if you’re really ambitious. Setting clear goals will help you structure and track your learning progress and make it all the more rewarding.

Campaign For More Learning At Work

Don’t have enough time at work to learn something new? Use Leap Day to make a case to your boss. Why not explain the advantages of learning and professional development? Convince your superior that making time to develop your skills will not just benefit yourself but also help your organisation. Don’t want to take on this fight by yourself? Band together with colleagues and your request will have an even bigger impact.

Find A Study Partner

Learning is always more fun, if you’re not alone. Find someone to learn with you and develop a learning schedule together. You can help each other understand new materials, give extensive feedback on assignments and share the whole learning experience. Or have little learning competitions that push both of you to give your best. Not sure how to find someone to learn with? Find a study partner on iversity or invite your friends to study with you.

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Have you ever wanted a course certificate but didn’t have time to study for the exam? Or you made it half-way through a course but weren’t motivated enough to finish it? Then we have a great opportunity for you: Now you can get a Statement of Participation that provides extra motivation and proof of your learnings without the hassle of taking an exam.

Statement Of Participation

Motivate yourself

How often have you started a MOOC but never finished? With the Statement of Participation, procrastination will be a thing of the past: You can track your progress and claim reward when you reach 80%. Purchase the Statement at the beginning of your course to make sure you complete it. If you already paid for it, it will be much harder to let laziness overcome you. By investing in yourself, you will have additional motivation to complete your course and receive an official document to prove your achievements.

Get your credentials without the hassle

Do you want to have proof of your course achievements but don’t want to take the exam? Then the Statement of Participation provides a great alternative to our other certificates. To receive this document, you only need to complete 80% of your course. Get proof of your learning progress without having to stress about passing an exam. The Statement of Participation is also the perfect way to keep track of your learning. Take away an official document each time you finish a course and you will build a great collection of your acquired skills.

Show off your new skills

Knowing you completed a course is only half the fun. Share your experience and your achievements with friends and colleagues. You can print out your Statement of Participation and start a collection on your wall. Or add it to your LinkedIn profile and impress your boss. Did you receive an iversity gift card? Use it towards a Statement of Participation and show the person who gave you this gift that the investment in your education has paid off.

Benefit from flexibility

Because the Statement of Participation is independent from the final exam, you can download it any time you want. All you have to do is reach at least 80% course progress – you aren’t forced to follow deadlines. Self-paced courses offer even more flexibility. Want to reach 80% in 2 weeks? Do you have to pace yourself a bit more? Once you enrol, you can purchase the Statement of Participation right away, then just focus on enjoying your course and learning new things.

Save time and money

Document your learning progress at a low price. We created the Statement of Participation as an alternative to our other certificates. The certificates from our Certificate Tracks usually range between 49€ and 149€ and include a final exam or project. The Statement of Participation is the perfect alternative for learners who wish to track their learnings for a lower price or just don’t want to take an exam. Currently, Statements of Participation cost 29€. If our usual certificate prices ranging between 49€ and 149€ are too high for you, this is the perfect opportunity to verify your course participation.


Not sure what a Statement of Participation is or where to get it? Here is a quick overview:

What is a Statement of Participation?

The Statement of Participation is an official document that records your course learnings and hard work. In all of our MOOCs, you can receive a Statement of Participation, once you have completed 80% of the course material (i.e. video lectures, quizzes and assignments). This document confirms your active participation in the course. It includes your name, the instructor’s name and a description of the course.

Where can I get a Statement of Participation?

Once you’ve enrolled in a course, you can access the Statement of Participation in the “Certificates” tab in each course. There you can see an overview of your course progress. How much more do you need to learn in order to get it? Once you reach the necessary 80% threshold, you can directly download your Statement.

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