I came, I saw, I went away

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The first time I saw iversity’s Ambassador Program, I ignored it after spending 2 minutes on its web page. I thought the program was meant only for students, just like many of the ‘campus ambassador’ programs in India. The iversity program was going viral then and a lot of my Facebook friends were sharing it excitedly. So, this time round, I’ll thank the information overload for goading me to check the program again.


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Ah! An iPad. An Apple device. I haven’t had the chance to own an Apple device till now but knew from 2nd hand accounts that the device was mesmerizing. Then you had a chance to win 500 pounds [hereinafter referred to as the Mango :)], which translate into Rs. 50000 in India, which is a nice one month’s salary for an upper middle class living.

The prizes made the race worthy. But was the race worthy without the prize? I checked up on iversity on Google. It seemed trusted, following the footsteps of Udemy, Coursera and Co., trying to become a European MOOC powerhouse. Getting students in India to check these courses out, and do them if they found the content useful seemed to a ‘nice’ if not a noble idea. And then, I was on a mission.

The Mission

I run a website called Lawctopus.com, and sorry for the shameless tub thumping, but at 65000 unique visitors a month, it’s India’s most popular website for law students. So a banner advertisement on Lawctopus was my first step. The iversity’s dashboard is technologically sound and pretty neat. With the percentile scores, it also made the whole exercise a competitive one. Just with the ad I was able to reach the top 5%, but after a very limited number crunching (I am not capable of more than ‘limited’ number crunching :)), I realized I won’t be in the running for the Apple and the Mango!

Here Comes Everyone

Lawctopus has a network of around 80 college managers. We assigned them a task. The college managers who get the three highest number of registrations (using my link) will get an award from Lawctopus. Initially I thought that this whole idea was unethical. I read the rules and there wasn’t anything against ‘ganging up’. From then on it was a breeze. And finally I did get the prize. The iPad arrived safe, but slightly late, which is understandable. And ladies and gentlemen, this is my 6th blog post, after which I do hope to get the Mango too!


Blogging for iversity has been an enriching experience. It allows me to showcase that side of India which many non-Indians won’t know about. That’s the best part of being an iversity ambassador: you are an ambassador for your country. Through your writing, you present its educational history, news, perspectives etcetera.


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