Become an iversity Ambassador and Win Great Perks!

If you haven’t signed up with iversity yet, now’s the time! There are a couple of big perks waiting for you: iversity just launched the one and only Ambassador programme and you are invited to be a part of it.

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What’s it all about?

Our goal at iversity is to make higher education accessible to as many people as possible. Now we need your help spreading the word! The Ambassador programme enables you to join our mission and give more people all over the globe the opportunity to take free online university-level courses!

Three steps to becoming an Ambassador

It’s pretty easy! First, sign up at iversity and enrol in at least one of our courses. Second, after registration, get a personalised link in the dashboard or by clicking the share button. Third, use that link to invite your friends. Each new sign up counts as one point for you. Finally, the ten students with the most enrolled friends will become Ambassadors! But the clock is ticking: the winners will be announced on the 31st of October.

The perks of being an Ambassador

Several perks come along with being an Ambassador. You will receive an iPad mini so that you can enjoy your favorite MOOCs wherever you are! You also have the opportunity to contribute to iversity's blog by writing about your learning experience on a weekly basis. If you do so, we will give you 500€ for your work. Alongside this, you will have Ambassador status in the course, receive a letter of recommendation from the professor, and last but not least, feel great about supporting a good cause.

If you don’t become an Ambassador, worry not! If you enrol more than 50 friends, we will give you a 50€ voucher to Amazon.

Are you ready? Sign up and check it out!


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