Announcing iversity’s Ambassadors – Second Edition

Another successful round of our Ambassador Programme has come to an end. Congratulations to the winners of the iPads and the Amazon vouchers! We at iversity are happy and grateful that so many of you participated, and look forward to meeting you and your friends in our courses.

This time, it took us a while to validate the results. There was a lot more fraud involved than in the first round, but we know all of the tricks and found those who cheated. Our double-checking was for a good cause: You can rest assured that the fair players won.

Ambassador round 2 world map

Ambassador round 2 world map

So here they are: Please welcome iversity’s new Ambassadors!

hüseyinHüseyin Kiliç (23, Turkey): Freshly graduated from the University of Gaziantep, Hüseyin is an Electrics and Electronics Engineer, furthering his knowledge through several courses on iversity. His dream is to work in the German photovoltaics industry – and we wish him good luck with his applications. 


pauloPaulo Santos (39, Portugal): Winning the iPad Mini is certainly work-related in Paulo’s case: He is a web developer who creates mobile apps and has been a passionate online learner since 2012. To share information about great online courses, Paulo created a comprehensive directory of MOOCs from different providers called “MOOC List” in November 2012. He attends Design 101 and Gamification Design on


pramodPramod Kumar Mittal (22, India): Can you believe it? Puducherry, the city where Pramod lives, had strong commercial ties with the Roman empire – they used to exchange goods in the 2nd century BCE. In today’s globalised world, we are used to the exchange of bits and bytes on an everyday basis. The smallest bits of biological information, however, lie in DNA – now guess who’s offering an awesome course about that? Right – it’s iversity! Our DNA course will start on 5 April and Pramod will be part of it.

MazenMazen Fahed (37, Egypt): Mazen’s roots lie in Syria, and his family and friends still live in his war-stricken home country. Due to the collapse of infrastructure, it is currently impossible to get a proper education in Syria. Mazen works as an Electronics Engineer and came to Cairo, Egypt to study and acquire further knowledge in IT-related fields. His interests show an impressive range – if you haven’t met him in the “Future of Storytelling” course, you might come across him in “Monte Carlo Methods of Finance” or “Modelling and Simulation Using MATLAB”.

JamilaJamila Iqbal (27, United Arab Emirates): Jamila is a molecular biologist, originally from Pakistan, with a special interest in DNA and community education. She is an active participant in various MOOCs, has been working as a community teacher assistant at Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, and has volunteered for different aid organisations.


RajasekharRajasekhar Neeli (40, India): As many as 13 universities offer higher education in Hyderabad, Rajasekhar’s place of origin and a metropolis with 7 million inhabitants. He holds a Master’s degree in Microbiology and a PhD in Biotechnology. With this professional background, he helps students by training them for their PhD fellowship entrance exams in all branches of life science.



Sunish Chaudhary (19, India): India is the country where the largest share of iversity’s users reside. No wonder then that Sunish, a student in iversity’s courses on Public Privacy and Web Engineering: Developing Mobile HTML5 Apps, made his way into the Ambassador community by referring plenty of interested friends and colleagues. The self-confessed cricket fan and tech geek is acting with conviction: “I strongly believe in the concept of digitalisation and the wonders that can be achieved through technology and science.” As do we, so there is little left for us to add to Sunish’s statement.

Monica VallinMónica Vallín Blanco (47, Spain): Currently, Monica teaches English at a secondary school in a town near Barcelona. While pursuing her MA on Interactive Digital Communication, she conducted her final project on virtual communities of practice for teachers. You can tell: She’s a MOOC expert and plans to use that knowledge in her PhD thesis about digital learning environments. At iversity, she is enjoying the Design 101 MOOC.


umairUmair Khalid (21, Pakistan): Pakistan is facing the challenge of an energy crisis – and Umair is passionate about helping to solve it. He studies Mechanical Engineering in the Pakistani city of Haripur and plans on doing a Master’s degree in Energy Management. You bet that there are plenty of transferrable skills that he’ll take from the MATLAB MOOC and the course series about Vehicle Dynamics.


So there we are, announcing nine happy winners to you. You’ll want to ask: “Uhm, wait a minute, nine? Wasn’t it supposed to be ten?”. You’re right, but one Ambassador kindly asked us not to disclose any information about him. Of course, we respect that, but we can tell you this much: He is from Spain.

The ten Ambassadors who won this time may give you a little hint about the multitude of interesting people that open the same weekly course chapters as you do. Your fellow students come from almost every country in the world. Despite differences in culture, age, educational and professional backgrounds and so forth, you are a part of a global community of online learners. Together, you are taking higher education into the digital age!