Ambassadors (and applicants)!

by Mirus Fitzner

The Campus Ambassador competition ended just before our Christmas holidays here in Germany. You all did a great job! And we are very proud to tell you that our ten best contestants, some in a mere two weeks, successfully invited over a 1,000 users combined. Congratulations !

What makes us even prouder is that the winners come from all over the world, including India, Romania and Spain, as well as Germany and even Finland!

The winners, of course, were contacted personally by our Ambassador Relations agent, Fernando. For all the successful iversitians who did not make it into the top ten: we have already contacted you! So, check your inbox!

And to everyone who is pondering on whether he wants to become a future iversity Ambassador or not: Get in touch with us! We want you to be a part of the Digital Revolution on Campus! There will be a way for us to honour your contribution to our cause, we are sure! Just write to and ask Fernando what he can do for you.

The iversity Team!

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