Ambassador Round 2 Comes to a Close!

Round 2 of the Ambassador programme comes to a close at midnight CET on 15 January 2014. This is a final call for referrals and a last chance to be in the running for an Amazon Voucher or iPad. We will start counting right after the close and announce the new Ambassadors and winners as soon as we can. For everyone involved in the programme, we’d like to extend our thanks for all your great work and help spreading the word!

Check out our first round Ambassadors

To learn more about iversity Ambassadors, check out the winners of the first round. Many of them contributed their stories, thoughts and experiences on the blog. Sagar Aryal explained how he became an Ambassador. Johnn Four offered his insights into storytelling and the gaming world. Nadiyka Gerbish shared her experiences in the Ukraine and being an expectant mother. Syed Mohsin Raza Bokhari explored the world of DNA. Francisco Manuel da Costa discussed the MOOC phenomenon and the ages of information dissemination. Sara Rodríguez Arias foresees online learning and the future of education. Tanuj Kalia presented two stories that teach us some lessons for learning. Claudio Rodriguez Valdes offered a custom illustration and tips for online learning. More to come, so keep your eye on the blog!


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